AGXTEND™ & ZASSO present the XPower XPR concept, an electric weeding solution for row crops for the first time on the SIMA fair

6th October, 2022
AGXTENDTM & ZASSO present the XPower XPR concept, an electric weeding solution for row crops for the first time on the SIMA fair.
The XPower electrophysical weed control technology was introduced three years ago as an innovative solution to today's weed control challenges and was awarded with the bronze medal in 2019 on the SIMA fair. Together with the AGXTEND partner Zasso the technology has continuously been further developed.

Today, two solutions are already available in the market: The XPS for vineyards and orchards and the XPU for urban applications. To meet the needs of growers, the portfolio is now being expanded to include the XPR model for row crops, which will now be launched at the upcoming SIMA fair.

The XPR is the first high voltage, non-chemical weeding equipment for non-selective weed control between the crop rows at competitive working speed. The XPR concept features a generator and a brand-new applicator specifically adapted to the requirements of all row crops.
  • Up to 3,7 m working width, as a starting base.
  • Easily adjustable for different application width from 25 to 40 cm.
  • Modular XPower design: multifunctional supply unit compatible with other XPower solutions.

Unique user benefits

  • Systemic and long-lasting action down into the roots preventing regrowth.
  • Safety and efficacy confirmed by private and governmental research institutes, eg. by Arvalis in France.
  • No soil movement minimizing erosion risk and maximizing soil conservation.
  • Pure physical mode of action: no toxic residues, no legal restrictions, no resistances.
  • No impact on soil life: without lasting impact on the ecosystem or the harvested product.

The XPR inter-row solution guarantees safe and effective weed management in row crops, with no negative impact on the environment, and providing a better planning reliability to farmers. The use of XPower technology in general respects the soil, fauna and carbon footprint, hence makes the XPR a real alternative to chemical herbicides and mechanical weed control. It also helps achieve the European Green Deal’s target of 50% pesticides reduction by 2030.

The AGXTEND and Zasso teams are working hand-in-hand on this project, combining their know-how and expertise to develop a robust and flexible solution for farmers and to intensively test the XPR in the field in 2023, with the aim of being market-ready for the start of the 2024 season.

Market opportunity
The market opportunity is significant. Row crops, such as sugar beets, are an important pillar of agricultural food production. In the juvenile stage, row crops are characterised by wide row spacings and often by low competitive strength against simultaneously emerging weeds. Tremendous yield losses due to inadequate or delayed weed control can be reduced by 60%, as is the case with sugar beets yields.

Over 90% of the weed management market still relies on the use of herbicides, in which glyphosate is still an active ingredient. Alternatives (e.g. mechanical, thermal) are beginning to appear but do not address the roots of the problem or generate unwanted issues of soil disturbance, stimulation of new seeds and erosion risks.

New solutions are required to resolve challenges of efficiency, costs and productivity, and to address the health concerns and regulatory constraints increasingly faced by herbicides.

Electric weeding has established itself as the 21st century response to weeding.

The XPR inter-row crop solution represents Zasso’s first solution for broad agriculture. It serves as the basis for a more aggressive roll-out over the next three years.


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