New Holland renews its industry-leading Specialty tractor offering with new T4 F/N/V, TK4 Series and T4F S. T4.120 F is Best of Specialized at Tractor of the Year 2023.

6th November, 2022
New Holland renews its industry-leading Specialty tractor offering with upgrades to T4 F/N/V and TK4 Series.  T4F awarded as Best Specialized Tractor at Farm Machine 2023.
  • The T4 F/N/V VisionView™ cab offers even more safety with the quietest cab and the best all-round visibility in the category. This supremely compact tractor packs a powerful performance under a unique low-height hood.
  • The TK4 Series crawler tractors feature a new more powerful Stage V engines and a compact after-treatment system fitting under the new hood in compliance with latest safety regulation.
  • At EIMA 2022 New Holland will preview the new T4F S: essential, with the latest stylish look and featuring all fundamental features to orchard, fruit, vineyard & greenhouse applications. It combines simplicity of use & versatility with powerful Stage V engine.

New Holland Agriculture further consolidates its undisputed leadership of the specialty tractor sector with the introduction of the revolutionary VisionView™ cab on the T4 F/N/V Series and a new, more powerful engine and compact hood on the TK4 Series. This leadership is confirmed by the award “Best of Specialized” at Tractor of the Year 2023. This year at EIMA New Holland will also present for the first time the new T4F S series, which is the ideal tractor for mixed, part time farmers and fleet owners that are working in orchards and vineyards who are looking for a robust, reliable and entry level tractor to increase productivity.

Oscar Baroncelli, New Holland Agriculture Tractors Product Management Leader Global, said: “New Holland has remained at the forefront of the specialty tractor segment for seven decades, earning its position as the undisputed leader by constantly innovating and upgrading our products. Over the years, we have developed our uniquely wide offering to meet our customers’ most specialized requirements, anticipating their evolving needs. The T4 F/N/V VisionView™ cab, the TK4 and this new T4F S once again raise the bar, redesigning completely the products around customer needs.”

Sean Lennon, New Holland Vice President of Sales said: “With these new products we reinforce our range and we confirm our historical and absolute leadership in specialty tractors. We have thoroughly redesigned these tractors in response to the requests we received from our customers. We aimed to make the impossible possible and exceed all their expectations beginning with comfort.”

T4 F/N/V VisionView™ cab: the best in comfort, visibility and safety
The revolutionary VisionView™ cab introduces the comfort of an open field tractor in the narrow T4 F/N/V Series, with a spacious environment and flat deck for all type of operators. The exclusive design of the front window, combined with the lowest and most compact hood on the market that is covering and protecting all the after-treatment system, provides a unique style and best-in-class visibility. The one-piece side window and four-pillar design further improve visibility to the sides and to the rear achieving the challenge of increasing roominess in constrain space.

The VisionView™ cab is also the quietest in the segment, with noise level as low as 71 dB(A) further adding to the operator’s comfort and safety, and is available with the full benefits of the exclusive Blue Cab™4 with Category 2 and 4 double filtration system. The infotainment and human machine interface has been upgraded following the bigger brothers T7/T8 with InfoView™ digital instrument cluster to manage all machine controls and settings.

The T4 F/N/V VisionView™ cab delivers a powerful performance with emissions 16 times lower than its predecessor. The F5C FPT engine achieve the highest torque, 518Nm, at the lowest RPM, 1300, as well as a torque backup up to 40%. Beside the power, these features provide the most flexible solution to the customers, for all their applications and needsFollowing customer requirements, hydraulic circuits have been redesigned delivering with just 1 pump up to 80L/min. for new linkages and hydraulic remotes.

The T4 series tractors are the perfect machines for contractors and small to medium orchards and vineyards with high-value crops who look for high performance, comfort and reliability in the best tractor sized for specialty applications.

TK4 Series: created to deliver more power and Stage V compliance
The TK4 series crawler tractors have been updated with new styling to match the latest wheeled specialty tractors. New Holland’s crawlers have a long history behind, starting from 1932 and they play an important part in the company’s heritage: this new addition confirms the company’s willing to continue its investments in this sector, and consolidate its already undisputed leadership.

The open field models have been upgraded with new, more powerful Stage V engines with maximum power ranging from 85 to 109 hp and an after-treatment system with EGR, DOC and SCRoF, while the narrow models feature a 75 hp Stage V engine and after-treatment system with EGR, DOC and DPF which doesn’t require AdBlue. On all models, the compact design of engine and after-treatment system fit under the hood, ensuring excellent visibility and manoeuvrability.

The new specifications are added to a vehicle that has always contained elements and exclusivity and which still make it the best-selling crawler tractor. Some of these exclusive elements are for example a Factory fitted cab for Crawler (introduced in 2009) or the SmartTrax™ rubber track system Interchangeable with steel tracks in less than 1 hour, that grants no need to be loaded on a trailer for transportation, reduced vibrations and increased comfort. Or again, the Steering-O-Matic™ Plus: steer and clutch system One control to steer, brake, stop and re-start, without clutch pedal. Finally, the Lift-O-Matic™ Plus system: an award winning mechanical hydraulic control system that allows you to raise or lower the rear linkage when making a headland turn, while maintaining position and draft settings. When pushing/pulling the lever, if released, the implement immediately stops at the height corresponding to the actual implement position. A gentle push or pull of this convenient lever allows for minor adjustments. Last but not least the new TK4 respects all the latest safety regulations to ensure that our customers are always protected and operating in safety conditions.

T4F S, essential, versatile and with a new look
Following the impressive modern style of the new T4 specialty series, the T4F S will offer features that are essential to all orchard, fruit, vineyard & greenhouse applications already in the base version. For the farmers who ask for more, this base version can also be upgraded with various performance enhancer options.

These powerful machines (up to 110hp rated) are reliable and robust, with a new 12x12 mechanical or powershuttle transmission and they are built for every task on orchards and greenhouses. Customer needs are pivots of development, all the after treatment system (ATS) is located under the hood without take compromises with the visibility and manoeuvrability. The new T4F S will be available on the market with a wide offering of front axles, including the SuperSteer ™ that is always in New Holland DNA. Performances are furthered improved with new ergonomic layout of controls combined with a new hydraulic system (up to 70 lt/min pump and new front and rear lift).

All this, plus a new, stylish look make the new T4F S the best choice for farmers looking for performance in the orchards & low cost of ownership in the pocket.

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