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THE BENCHMARK FOR GRAPE HARVEST QUALITY Braud grape harvesters are known for their grape picking efficiency, gentle handling and respect for the vine stock, fruit integrity and low losses.
BEST-IN-CLASS COMFORT AND SAFETY You get the quietest, most comfortable cab on the market with the Braud 9000 Series. For deluxe features and Level 4 filtration, choose the Blue Cab 4 system.
MORE POWER AND EFFICIENCY Four models from 164 to 182 horsepower feature new Tier 4B HI-eSCR 4- and 6-cylinder NEF engines that deliver more power and torque with best-in-class fuel efficiency.
THE MOST AWARD-WINNING BRAND IN HISTORY When you buy a Braud harvester, it’s backed by more than 40 years of harvesting excellence, with more than 15,000 harvesters sold in more than 40 countries.


The new Braud 9000M and L models are built around proven Braud design DNA and deliver the best harvesting quality and productivity. The SDC shaking system with flexible rear rod fixation and quick front engagement softly shake and detach the grapes. The Noria basket system offers the best respect for the vine and harvested crop. These proven Braud innovations are now designed around more efficient and easy to use solutions, combined with the best destemmer system which makes harvesting possible in all vineyards. The result is improved cleaning and performance together with low cost of ownership and user-friendliness.



    For over 40 years, our specialist teams at the Coëx factory in France, have designed, fine-tuned and produced, over 17,000 grape harvesters, which constitutes a benchmark in terms of production quality, grape harvesting quality, care and response to multifunctional expectations for wine growers throughout the world. The SDC system (Shaking Dynamic Control) with flexible rear rods, and the Noria collection system are at the heart of Braud DNA, always improving, but still unparalleled in terms of grape shaking efficiency, respect for the wine stock, fruit integrity and minimising losses.

    The new Braud 9000M and L models can be fitted with a SOCMA patented evolution destemmer. Fitted on the top of each hopper, the system delivers outstanding harvest quality that can also deliver incredible fruit throughput and no fruit damage. Setting up the destemmer has also been improved, with easier settings, to fine tune the destemming efficiency resulting in the best in class fruit destemming, gathering fruit quality, integrity, and capacity.

    The base unit is designed to be used all year long, from pre-pruning to grape harvesting. In order to achieve this, a new patented system to couple and uncouple the picking head and a new front tool carrier were developed. Multifunction on demand will provide extra versatility, either connecting and automatically updating the screen to the tool attached. Multifunction on demand software provides extra adaptability, allowing control of any implement electrics/hydraulics through the multifunction handle and IntelliView™ IV screen.

    Braud 9000M and L harvester cabs are recognised as the industry benchmark. The cabs are fully suspended and soundproofed for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Pressurised, heated and air-conditioned, the cabs are designed to offer optimum comfort and protection during harvest, spraying and other operations. In like for like conditions, noise levels are reduced by 3dB(A) compared to the previous harvester range, providing the quietest and comfortable cab on the market.

    The ultra-wide 26.4cm IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor is fixed on a sliding rail which can move up and down the cab pillar so you can position it just where you want. When compatible multifunction implements are connected, the IntelliView™ IV monitor automatically sets work pages for easier control and management of the machine.

    The Braud high capacity range is powered by ultra-efficient FPT Industrial 4 and 6-cylinder Stage V HI-eSCR 2 common rail electronic engines developing from 144hp up to 182hp. Combined with AntiSkid twin lock transmission and IMS 2.0, the power management is efficient and features the lowest fuel consumption. FPT Industrial NEF engines require no EGR valve solution, as engine only breathes fresh clean air for better efficiency. As a result, engine power outputs are equivalent to higher horsepower competitors, using EGR valves. The machine with the best engine on the market is the obvious choice.

    Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The multifunction handle is your right hand harvesting man. All key machine parameters can be controlled, including travel speed and direction, manual levelling and the picking head. The right armrest can be adjusted in length and height, and machine functions can be analysed at a glance courtesy of the IntelliView™ IV touch screen monitor. An interactive handle display will train operators directly on the monitor, teaching and self training all functions and how to activate basic machine settings. ACS screen will enable the operator to save the preferred picking setting and store for a later recall. Simple and efficient.

    The new Braud High capacity range has been designed with the operator in mind, excellent ergonomics, user- friendliness, safety and easy maintenance being key focus points. The washing system and maintenance aspects have been carefully redesigned and the result is a new and improved integrated washing system, which was awarded a Silver medal at Sitevi 2017. The new washing system comes as standard on Braud 9000M/L models to ensure the washing process is quick, easy and effective.

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9070 M


Vineyard row spacing
Intermediate (›1.30 m)
Power ECE R120/ISO 14396 [kW/hp(CV)]


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Large (›1.60 m)
Power ECE R120/ISO 14396 [kW/hp(CV)]

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Vineyard row spacing

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