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Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Committed to keeping your machines in top condition for like-new performance, New Holland has developed an extensive range of Genuine Parts.
These replacement parts are built to the same high standards with the same high-quality components as our new machinery.

With enhanced part availability, 24-hour delivery, experienced New Holland technicians and customised assistance, you’ll be back in action in record time.

Discover Genuine Parts

Air Filters Genuine Parts New Holland
Air Filters
The Engine Air filter acts as the "lung" of your machine and protects the engine from harmful particles. Due to improved filtration, your engine functions more efficiently, leading to decreased consumption of fuel.​
Batteries Genuine Parts New Holland
Perfectly calibrated to meet all the electrical needs of your machine, the genuine battery guarantees optimal starting capabilities as well as higher power for proper accessory functionality.​​​​
Bearings Genuine Parts New Holland
Small in size but big in terms of operational impact, each New Holland bearing is a precision part loaded with high technology. Aspects such as significant axial and/or radial load, high rotational speed, tight manufacturing tolerances, and high quality components ensure a properly and efficiently functioning machine.​
Belts Genuine Parts New Holland
Genuine belts provide maximum power transmission with minimal fuel consumption​.
Fuel Filters Genuine Parts New Holland
Fuel Filters
Original Fuel Filters protect injectors, the carburator and injection pump from harmful particles contained in fuel.​
Hydraulic Motors and Pumps Genuine Parts New Holland
Hydraulic Motors & Pumps
Extremely reliable and optimized for your machines, genuine hydraulic motors and pumps offer you increased productivity and comfort. Put the pressure into the hydraulic actuators, not on you.​
Hydraulic Filters Genuine Parts New Holland
Hydraulic Filters
Only the OE Hydraulic Filter is able to trap the smallest particles, protecting your hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders from their abrasive effect and ensuring a perfect fluid system performance and extending the lifetime of your machine.​
Hydraulic Cylinder Genuine Parts New Holland
Hydraulic Cylinder
Multiple performance test successes, resistance to high temperature and accuracy is why choosing our Genuine Hydraulic Cylinders is choosing performance.​
Cabin Air Filter Genuine Parts New Holland
Cabin Air Filter
Breath fresh and pure air in your cab with Genuine Cab Filters. They protect you from external air pollutants efficiently and effectively, keeping the interior of your cab safe for operators.​
Turbocharger Genuine Parts New Holland
Genuine Turbochargers are optimised for your engine to maximize its power, torque, transient response and efficiency. Make every drop of fuel go further.​
Oil Filter Genuine Parts New Holland
Oil Filter
The Original Oil Filter is the only filter on the market to collect all the impurities contained in Oil. Superiorly designed, the OE Filters will last for 2 maintenance period and protect your machine and extend its lifetime.​
Glasses Genuine Parts New Holland

​Genuine windows—visibly better.

Genuine windows offer maximum quality in safety, comfort and accurate fit ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment and protecting your investment.

Starter and Alternators Genuine Parts New Holland
Starter & Alternators
Genuine Alternators keep your battery charged and power your machine's electrical system. Together with the Genuine Starters they ensure your engine starts every time you turn the key.​
Lightings Genuine Parts New Holland
Genuine lighting—an enlightened choice.

Optimal visibility is the key to increasing productivity at night while working in complete safety. Genuine lighting is made to exacting standards, built to withstand dust, humidity and vibration extending life span and keeping you in the field longer.
Seat Covers Genuine Parts New Holland
Seat Covers
High quality, handmade seat covers and floor mats protect your machine's interior from the rigors of the agricultural environment. Adhering to strong quality controls, these tailor-made accessories offer comfort and reliability.​