Uptime Service


Developed by New Holland to make it easier for you the management of long-term routine maintenance,
Uptime Service is the new, professional and flexible Planned Maintenance Programme.
Planned maintenance is a key factor to keep your equipment always in good shape, maximizing the performance and
the uptime through scheduled operations carried out by professional New Holland Dealer’ technicians,
using only genuine parts and lubricants, ​according to manufacturer’s standards.

Many reasons to choose UPTIME SERVICE by NEW HOLLAND


• High quality maintenance by professional and constantly trained Dealers’ technicians
• Use of Genuine Parts and lubricants only

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• Fixed costs for better operating costs control
• Higher resale value for your machine
• Reduction of lubricants and fuel consumption

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• Tailored to your own machine and actual usage
• Can be activated at any time after the machine purchase
• Can be transferred to a new owner

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• Machine always efficient and ready
• Reliable performance for longer
• Reduction of unexpected downtime

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