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Farmers around the world are producing renewable clean energy using anaerobic digestion and biomass systems. The feedstocks used in these systems include agricultural waste by-products such as slurry, straw or maize together with waste from the food industry and energy crops. Whatever the system, New Holland can provide the solution: from material handling to cultivation, through to planting and harvesting.

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Developing alternative fuel technology since 2006

For 15 years, New Holland has been recognized as the Clean Energy Leader. In 2006 it was the first in the industry to offer 100% biodiesel compatibility and this was followed by the introduction of the hydrogen powered concept tractor in 2009. Today, we are still leading the way, with the launch of the world’s first production methane tractor. Through New Holland’s alternative fuel solutions, farmers can power their tractors with the renewable fuel they have produced on their own farms.

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Methane Powered tractor

New Holland is committed to developing advanced propulsion technologies which reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mean that you, the farmer, produce all of the energy you require. The production T6 Methane Power tractor not only has 80% lower overall emissions than a standard tractor, but it also delivers exactly the same performance too.

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Energy Independence

The Energy Independent Farm™ concept is at the heart of New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader strategy, a vision, launched over a decade ago. The T6 Methane Power tractor is key in completing the Energy Independent Farm™ concept, closing the loop of a complete CO2-neutral cycle – from field to energy generation and back to field.

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