Success Stories


T7.245 - T4.100N - BOOMER 35 TRACTORS

AC Goatham & Son is one of the UK’s largest top fruit growers and in 2019 it took delivery of its largest ever order of new tractors, when 20 New Holland vehicles supplied by Haynes Agricultural Ltd were delivered to its headquarters at Flanders Farm, Hoo.

These new vehicles will have a range of roles in the apple and pear orchards on their 25 farms covering 2,830 in Medway and Kent, bringing greater technology, innovation and efficiency to their existing fleet of vehicles. The delivery consisted of:
Four T7.245 for heavy duty haulage around the farms
Six T4.100N for spray and orchard operations
Ten Boomer 35 tractors for picking train operations

Steve Everard at AC Goatham & Son comments: “We were delighted to take delivery of these new vehicles from Haynes who have been supplying our business over the last 70 years. They have been put straight into action in this year’s harvest and some will continue to be used as we have our programme of new orchard planting continuing from November, which will see a further 320,000 new fruit trees planted, taking the total to over 1.5m planted in the last several years.”
“These vehicles bring with them a number of opportunities to integrate the technology of our farm operations, linking more closely the work of the driver, farm managers and growing teams. They played a vital role during our busy harvest period, when it was essential to get fruit quickly from the field and into cold storage. Despite it being the wettest harvest for about 20 years the vehicles coped very well with the conditions, which at times were difficult.”
Jeremy Cloude of Haynes Agricultural Ltd comments: “We are delighted to once again work with our long-standing customers, AC Goatham & Son and to fulfil this which was their largest single order of tractors in their 70-year history. These vehicles are fuel efficient and equipped with a whole range of features which make it easier for the driver, whilst providing information back to their farm team. The technology in these vehicles means there is much greater precision and accuracy of a number of operations and they are fast, powerful and reliable during the busy harvest periods. We have been selling New Holland tractors for 100 years this year and it is fantastic to see how they have developed to support modern farming businesses such as AC Goatham & Son.”
Ross Goatham comments: “The T7s are all around very good on the road for haulage/transport of the 350 million apples and 50 million pears that we grow across 25 farms in Kent. They are also very user friendly and easy to control thanks to the new transmission. We also pay a lot of attention to the environment we operate in and the T7s respects all the latest emissions standard. The GPS is also very useful and accurate for planting. We would highly recommend these vehicles to other growers and farmers.”