Success Stories



A T7.245 and T7.235 perform important roles in Allan Craig’s farming, contracting and biogas businesses near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.
The farming business comprises a 200-head breeding herd of Limousin cross and Simental cross cattle and 150-head flock of mule sheep alongside arable activities. Barley is grown for malting and feed, and rye and grass specifically for supplying the anaerobic digester, with resulting digestate spread on the farm’s fields. The biogas AD plant on site is run as a separate commercial business with Allan and surrounding farmers supplying crop-based feedstock.
The T7.235 is a key part of the transport fleet, carting grass and rye to the digester with one of the farm’s 18 ton Stewart trailers. It’s on the move continuously, sometimes doing 250 miles a day. Bought in 2013 as an ex-hire with 1000 hours, it’s since put another 3,500 hours on the clock and Allan says it’s been very reliable during that time. “When not carting feedstock it is used for some ploughing and power harrowing. But it was bought predominantly for the AD carting job, and we’d like to run it to 6-7,000 hours before we replace it.”
In contrast to the T7.235, the T7.245 is the workhorse of the farming business, and carries out the bulk of the ploughing, muck spreading, and drilling jobs. It also helps with grass carting at busy times. Bought in September 2018 to replace a T7050, it arrived as a demonstrator from dealer Ravenhill and Allan says they liked it so much, it stayed. Since purchase it has done 900 hours and Allan is very pleased with its performance.
“It’s been very reliable. For a large tractor it is very manoeuvrable and nimble, with an excellent steering lock. It’s very powerful, and feels like it performs better than its horsepower rating would suggest. In fact, it pulls like a train and slots into a lot of jobs.”
“From an operator point of view, the driving position is good, it’s well balanced and pleasant to drive. A real ‘driver’s tractor’. Our driver says it’s the best thing since sliced bread!”