Success Stories



Mr Steven Edwards owner of JW & PM Edwards and Son Agricultural Contractors runs a fleet of New Holland T7 Tractors. Steven farms approximately 250 acres at home on his family farm. He also contracts another 260 acres alongside the family business. The majority of the work consists of injecting digestate, spreading manure, ploughing, drilling and various hauling duties.
Steven’s collection of T7’s consists of a T7.270 Blue Power, T7.250 Auto Command™ and a T7.245 Power Command™. The T7.270’s main job is to discharge the slurry by using a Joskin 5000 gallon tanker with a 24m dribble bar. The T7.270 is equipped with a guidance system which operates on a RangePoint correction signal where Steven notes that “it is easier to loop with the tanker with the use of gps”. The T7.250 is also equipped with a guidance system which operates on a RTK signal as it does most of the drilling. Steven adds that “the RTK guidance works very well whilst drilling, we also use it when we are injecting slurry with our 3000 gallon Veenheus Tanker behind the T7.250”.
The newest edition to the fleet is the T7.245 which mainly does haulage work and the manure spreading. Steven commented that both transmissions are “very good and reliable” and the “exhaust brake is a big plus on the Auto Command™ as it is very responsive for haulage work”.
“The New Holland T7 tractors are a very versatile tractor as they punch above their weight” he noted. With the T7.250 doing most of the drilling with either a 6m folding combi drill or a combination maize drill shown in picture, Steven praised the traction and power of the tractor as “the tractor can do any job well”. He also comments that “they are an easy tractor to operate” adding they are a“get on and go” type tractor.