Success Stories



This year Julie made the decision to change her farming practice to venture from a single chamber baler to a baler / wrapper combination. Julie explains: “This has been a great improvement in comparison to our old system of wrap and stack”. Julie farms in Banchory near the Cairngorms National Park in Aberdeenshire.
The main driver to this new practice has been the availability of staff: “We have gone from a 5 to a 2 person operation, labour is becoming a problem”. This isn’t an issue that is isolated to Aberdeenshire but to the whole of the UK and Ireland.
Cows, calves and finishing beef cattle benefit from the silage, hay and straw baled by her Roll Baler 125 Combi. The baler has produced “Denser” bale in comparison to her previous baler, being able to produce denser bales “has reduce net and plastic costs”. Crop flow hasn’t been an issue with “Excellent feeding in lumpy conditions”.
Forage quality is important when producing prime quality Scottish beef and the Roll Baler 125 Combi has not disappointed with “consistent chop through the bale” - the Roll Baler 125 Combi benefits from the selectable knife bank which allows a quick and convenient change over between knife banks. The design of the baler allows the transfer of the bale from the chamber to the wrapper without touching the ground reducing soil contamination. The baler benefits from a tandem axle to reduce compaction and makes it easier to travel in softer conditions.