Success Stories



Steve Dixon is currently farming on 80 acres of grassland and renting an additional 60 acres. The main enterprise on the farm is sucklers and selling stores.
Steve purchased a New Holland Roll Baler 125 in March 2019 from his local dealer TH White Ltd in Hereford. Purchasing his own baler gives Steve “the advantage to be able to bale when you want, not waiting or depending on anyone. I have the ability to bale when I want, I can go directly behind the combine to bale straw”.
Steve is working in very wet conditions baling silage, hay and straw. Since purchasing the baler Steve has made 1600 bales, 1000 of his own and 600 contracted. He says this is “just enough to justify”. Steve says he has been “easily achieving 55 bales plus to the hour”. Steve has been impressed with the performance of the round baler as he put it to the test on its first day out. Working in poor conditions, baling 20 bales to an acre in wet grass “it ate it up” Steve explains. Steve says “its quicker than my older baler and the mechanics of it are good”. Ease of operation is key for many farmers. Steve explains that he is not computer savvy but has found the IntelliViewTM IV monitor easy to understand. Steve explains that there is a low maintenance requirement from the auto lube system.
Steve is impressed with the bale shape and density of the round bales produced from the RB125. “It makes a tremendous bale, even when it’s not on full density, it packs it in very well and there is good cover right over the edge of the bale”. Steve has found the 20 knives selection good as he says “I feed a lot of animals by hand and it makes it easier to feed”.
Steve has found with the drop floor it makes it easy to unblock. The pickup has worked well for Steve also with no problems of it jamming. “It is a capable baler, it’s not stopped me baling at any stage” explains Steve.