Success Stories

Adrian Hatchett, North-Eastern England

CR9.80 to CR9.90 Intellisense & CR10.90 DEMO

Following the New Holland CR10.90 demonstration Adrian received in late August, he decided to invest in another CR combine to replace his existing CR9.80. Seed crops are grown for a premium, so the output of the machine has a major impact on margin. Covering an area of 1350 Hectares Adrian stated that “a high output combine is essential for our business due to growing the crops for seed”. 75% of the Wheat crop is harvested for seed. “We don’t like to start combining too early or work late into the night as the grain quality is very important to us” Adrian stated.

With grain loss being a big factor of the business, it is essential to be able to reduce losses. Intellisense incorporates a network of sensors around the combine that can accurately emulate the driver to adjust certain settings to maximise performance and efficiency of operation. This is where the IntelliSense system on the CR10.90 came into its own. “I have never seen a combine so full” Adrian commented. The IntelliSense was setup to minimal losses which were “very acceptable” Adrian insisted. The Intellisense system according to Adrian was “mightily impressive” in the way it adjusted the combine settings automatically in relation to the losses.

By seeing first-hand how beneficial IntelliSense was to the combine from the demonstration, Adrian decided to upgrade his CR9.80 with a new CR9.90 with IntelliSense. Adjustable remote vanes enable separation to be adjusted on the go. The adjustable vanes are located on both rotors which can be adjusted remotely to hold in the crop for a longer period of time to ensure the heads are fully separated from the straw. They control how long the material stays on the rotor subjected to centrifugal force. The CR10.90 demo combine was equipped with adjustable vanes where Adrian stated that the improvements such as the IntelliSense and remote adjustable vanes is a “real step forward” as it helps increase the output of the machine and is a significant update to his previous machine.