Success Stories

Alex Reid, Scotland

CR9.80 & CR10.90 DEMO

Mr Alex Reid is the proud owner of the family farm Mill of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk which has been in the family for over a century, passed down from generation to generation. Alex currently farms 2000 acres in the picturesque countryside of Aberdeenshire, of which is split between arable and potato crops. Alongside the crops, Alex keeps a 1000 beef cattle which are fed by the grain harvested by his New Holland CR9.80.

Alex purchased the New Holland CR9.80 combine in 2015 where it has since harvested four seasons faultlessly. “I can’t fault the machine as it is a low cost machine to run with minimal breakdowns since ownership” Alex stated. He goes onto say that “downtime has been nothing” as the combine has “generally performed great”. Currently the CR9.80 has a 30ft Vari-feed Header. “greener straw and the quantity of straw in the crops”. Alex states that “sticking with the 30ft header allowed us to cope better with the green straw and maintain forward speed at the same time”. He also adds that the Vari-feed header is a “great header as the table movement is controlled from inside the cab and there are no panels to take off”.

Since running a CR combine there has been a significant reduction of skinning the barley as the combine is gentle on the grain as well as the straw” Alex maintained. Straw quality must be of high standard to cattle farmers for their own use. “The straw is very important to us as we use it for our cattle therefore must be of high quality and also the baler operator is far happier baling behind a CR combine as the swath is a perfect rectangle which feeds better into the baler and allows the driver to maximise output” he added.

Alex received a CR10.90 combine demonstration in early September where it ran side by side with his current CR9.80. With the CR10.90 equipped with a 41ft Vari-feed header Alex noticed “the horsepower difference was remarkable as the 10.90 could clearly handle green straw”. Machine output is key to Scottish farmers with such challenging weather. “The CR10.90 was covering the ground quicker” Alex noted. “It was clear to see that the Intellisense system increased output and capacity of the machine as the losses were minimal yet still maintaining a good forward speed” Alex said. “The remote adjustable vanes are a big improvement in terms of output and straw quality” Alex also noted. With already knowing the cab comfort, Alex stated that the cab is a “great cab to sit in all day” and “the controls are easy to use”.