Success Stories

Laurence Burgess and Anthony Burgess, Muton Farm


Laurence Burgess and Anthony Burgess after some thought decided to change from their CX5090 with 20ft Header to a CX5.90 with a 25ft Vari-Feed header. The CX5.90 proved to be a good purchase for Laurence as it carried out its first harvest in 2018 faultlessly. “Really pleased with the combine, it’s the best one we have ever had” Laurence said.

Growing a variety of crops such as Winter Oats, Oil Seed Rape, Spring Malting Barley and Winter Wheat on their 300 acre Farm in Dorset, Laurence found that the new combine was very gentle on the straw which was essential to his business. “Good straw quality is a must as we bale everything ourselves and sell the straw to customers” Laurence explained. With the 2018 harvest being a very dry period, Laurence stated that “having a high output combine for the size of our Farm allowed us to combine at the lowest moisture content possible to reduce drying costs”.

Not only was Laurence impressed with the straw quality and output of the machine, but he was very impressed with the simplicity and operation of the combine. “Very simple machine to operate, with easy controls to set up the machine to suit” Laurence stated. By having an easy machine to set up, Laurence found that the losses were minimal leaving no green strips in fields and the grain quality was excellent. “Reduced losses, better cleaning and excellent grain quality” Laurence summarised. The curved windscreen of the cab allows for great visibility which Laurence found very beneficial and the cab comfort was a big plus for spending long hours in. Laurence also found a great fuel saving from the previous model stating it is “very fuel efficient allowing us to combine more for less”. When asked what Laurence found best about the combine he answered: “The combine does everything we need in style, can’t go wrong with it”. Dealer backup is essential for any machine. “We are very lucky to have Buglers on our doorstep who provide a very good service to us” Laurence stated.