Success Stories

Peter Snell & Neil Leonard, South West England


With completion of 2018 harvest, Peter Snell the Farm Manager and Neil Leonard the Assistant Farm Manager decided to invest in two New Holland CR10.90’s after a successful demonstration in early August 2018 with the business looking to grow in the future. The Farm currently harvests 3500 Acres of premium crops which include Malting Barley, Peas, Grass Seed, Oil Seed Rape, Organic Oats and Wheat which a lot of it is milled. The decision was made to change from running one combine to running two as Neil stated: “We can get the crops in sooner and at the right time, also we can provide a better service to our customers”.

“She’s a monster” was Neil’s first thought when the combine was working. “The CR10.90 had serious power and capacity, spot rating between 90-100 tonnes/hour was very impressive”. It wasn’t just the power Neil was impressed with. “Such a quiet cab, very comfortable with clear vision from the seat and wouldn’t get tired driving the machine”. Neil added that the “The curved Screen and foot pegs were a nice touch and the controls were easy to use and clearly labelled”. The cab was equipped with two IntelliView IV screens which Neil found very easy to use and praised the fact that the screens were customisable to how the operator wants it. Neil found that the new layout of the self-setting IntelliSense system was very well laid out and was clear to see the settings of the combine. Minimal losses was successful on the demo with the aid of the IntelliSense system adjusting the settings continuously to meet the operators demand of the machine. “The IntelliSense and IntelliCruise systems worked well together to help increase output of the machine” Neil praised.

North Farm sell a large proportion of the straw they produce, therefore Peter and Neil require good quality straw to sell onto customers. The Twin Pitch Plus rotor technology along with the remote adjustable vanes New Holland offer allows for gentle threshing which impressed Neil on the day of the demonstration. “Twin Pitch rotors – great performance, even crop mat through the machine which allowed for a nice square swath for the baler driver” Neil said. “It is essential for the baler to get an even feed to produce good bales,” he added. Currently at North Farm no grain is put over a cleaner, so the grain sample coming from the combine has to be of a high standard. The self-levelling sieves and OptiFan worked very well to achieve this. Material distribution is very important to North Farm as they can plan what cultivations is needed once harvest is completed. “The chaff spreader was exceptionally good and it spread the chaff the width of the header” Neil noted.

With running a high output combine, it is important to have the logistics of the grain transport working efficiently to keep the combine harvesting. “The pivot able spout was a great idea giving extra scope to load trailers and the unloading rate was very fast which keeps the tractor drivers busy,” Neil commented. The combine was equipped with fully suspended Terraglide 28.5” tracks which Neil was very impressed with. “The fully suspended tracks were a big step up from the previous combine, very comfortable and was a smooth ride across the field and tramlines” Neil insisted.

After a day’s work, cleanliness of the machine is very important to Peter and Neil. Neil stated that “the machine is blown down every day after work to keep it clean and reduce any risks of fire”. Neil was very impressed with the design of the engine bay noting that “there was good access to the engine bay with easy access to diesel and AdBlue fill points and the design of the radiators provided good airflow around the engine”. Dust was a big issue in the 2018 season with it being such a dry year. Neil noticed that the New Holland CR combine was “Far better with dust than the previous combine”.