Success Stories

P&J House and Sons

CX5.90 Laterale

Peter House and his two Sons Mark and David farm 1000 acres in Somerset which has been in the family since 1964. Being loyal New Holland customers for many years now, they decided to change from their CX5090 Laterale to a CX5.90 Laterale for the upcoming 2019 season. The Laterale refers to the system that helps level the chassis of the combine when working on steep ground. This is done by twisting the final drives to keep an even load on the sieves regardless of the lateral tilt of the combine. The CX5090 completed four harvests for the House family where it has been roughly achieving 200 drum hours per year.

With such steep fields located on the farm, it is essential for the House family to have a combine which can perform well climbing the hills and providing a good grain and straw sample to sell on to customers. “The lateral levelling smart sieve and OptiFan works well on our steep ground along with the four wheel drive system providing good traction to climb the steep hills” Peter insisted. With straw being a premium product for so many farmers it is essential to ensure that the straw is to the best quality possible. “We bale the straw and sell it to customers who require good quality straw, therefore a combine which doesn’t damage the straw is key for our business” Peter insisted. The steering lock is essential for a combine on steep ground allowing for tight turns when needed. “The steering lock is phenomenal” David stated.

David the operator of the combine was amazed by the output and performance of the machine stating that “the machine packs a punch” describing it as a “simple combine with a very big appetite”. The CX5090 was partnered with a 22ft Vari-Feed header to harvest their Wheat, Barley, Oil Seed Rape, oats and Linseed crops. “The 22ft Vari-feed header along with the side knives worked well which helped increase output” David said. The performance wasn’t just the highlight of the machine for David, he found that the transmission was very responsive and the operation of it was very smooth.

The reliability of the combine has been very good where the family praised the back up and service they receive from New Holland and their local dealership Hawkins Agri LTD. “New Holland and Hawkins have always treated us well” Peter stated. With the CX5090 proven to be a good reliable combine for the 4 seasons, they decided to upgrade to a CX5.90 for the upcoming 2019 harvest. “As the CX5090 was such a good machine for us, we decided to stick with New Holland and upgrade to a CX5.90 for next season” Peter mentioned.