Success Stories



Willie Bruce farms in partnership with his brother in-laws Hugh and Alistair across 6 farms. These farms consists of dairy and beef cattle, their FR480 harvests in the region of 1600 acres of grass across the season. Willie, Hugh and Alistair see the benefit of using modern technology in their business, one of the farms benefits from the use of robotic milking machines and now the introduction of a FR480.
The FR480 has performed in its first season, Willie explains “Performance is good and is capable of handling lumps” but rather than focus on performance he explained “The engine is very fuel efficient”. “The wider drum helps to improve output in comparison to narrow models” Willie added. The wider drum and crop channel has also benefited the chop quality for Willie “Chop quality is consistent and very easy to change chop length in the cab”. The FR480 has experienced some very dry and wet conditions but this never became an issue “Blowing performance is excellent, the machine has been able to handle both dry and wet crop”.
Comfort and access of the FR has made life easier “The hydraulic concave door makes inspecting the knives very easy”, “Spout is very accessible, large panels open and give access to the spout”, “Good visibility from the cab and controls are easily accessible” and “The machine is comfortable when on the road”.
When asked the 3 main benefits of the FR480 Willie stated “Appearance, Performance and Easy to operate”.