James and Isobel Wright, TH Telehandler

August 2021

We’ve definitely not been wasting a moment and putting the TH6 through its paces. When we were interviewed by The Prince’s Countryside Fund and New Holland they asked us how many hours we thought we’d do throughout the year, and we said around 300, well it’s already done 66 and if continue at this pace we’ll well over 700 hours!

On the day we picked it up, Isobel and I drove over to the dealer. In my excitement to get going when leaving the dealer, I drove off with the car keys in my pocket! The chap had to chase me down on the road to get the keys from me so Isobel could get home. Thankfully I pulled over about 5 minutes out of the depo or else they’d have followed me all the way home.

Since it’s been here, we’ve cleared out our sheds, reorganised all last year's straw, helped my neighbour rewire his barn, brought in 210 bales of silage and 211 bales of hay. We’re just about to do a second cut so we’ll be on the road again for a couple of days when the weather brightens up.

We’ve been lucky to be able to snag a couple of secondhand bargains and we’ve now got a bucket and a bale grab to go with the machine. The quick release hydraulic couplings make changing around attachments incredibly easy.

The support from New Holland and our local dealer Oakes Bros has been first class. Any questions we’ve had have been answered incredibly quickly and it's been great to talk to them on the phone about how we can get the most of the machine.

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September 2021

One Sunday lunchtime having just sat down to order in our local pub we had a phone call that our barn was on fire. We had left the farm not 15 minutes earlier and there were 35 calves in the barn opposite it.
I was straight on the phone with my neighbour who thankfully was at home. I flew down to the farm and when I arrived was greeted by him and the barn which was fully alight. He told me firmly not to panic and that he had moved the calves and saved the Telehandler!

The fire engines arrived and made sure that the fire didn't spread, but it did burn for another 9 hours, and they were back out again at midnight and at 6am as it kept flaring up. We will never know for sure what caused the fire, and you can spend a lot of time second-guessing yourself. The New Holland TH 6 has made the clean-up much easier and was able to load most of the burnt hay into a muck spreader along with last year’s muck with ease.

We used the TH 6 to bring in the straw and it has made light work of it. We changed the hitch on our trailer so we're able to be completely self-sufficient in one unit. We've just started preparing the sheds for the winter and the TH6 is very manoeuvrable which means it's easily able to get into the corners of the shed without issue. Our new shed is due to be slightly larger which is great as theTH6 is always wanting to work!

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