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New Holland CR9000 Elevation raises the bar


  • Outstanding capacity – more power from more models
  • Best harvest quality – Twin Rotor concept for minimal grain crackage
  • Lower costs – new engines offer greater fuel efficiency
  • Ultimate comfort – very low noise and vibration levels

New Holland has enhanced the CR9000 combine harvester series with an additional model, higher horsepower engines, 10% increase in capacity and advanced IntelliCruise™ technology.

The three-model line-up, based around New Holland’s unique Twin Rotor™ concept, comprises CR9060, the new CR9070 Elevation and upgraded CR9080 Elevation. The Elevation suffix highlights the increased performance of the flagship combines, with in-field performance comparisons in a variety of crops and conditions consistently showing the new CR9080 Elevation to have a 10% increase in net capacity over the previous model.
Outstanding capacity
The CR9000 range is already renowned for its huge capacity; however the introduction of new engines has allowed engineers to increase this capacity further. The Iveco Cursor engines are equipped with an advanced diesel injection system, which offers uninterrupted power even during prolonged, demanding conditions.  The CR9080 Elevation now has a maximum power of 530hp (390kW), with the CR9070 Elevation offering 469hp (345kW) and the CR9060 providing 394hp (290kW).

The new CR9070 Elevation is positioned above the unchanged CR9060 to offer contractors and large scale arable farming operations a wider choice of combine specifications. The CR9070 and CR9060 both offer a 2.43m2 total threshing and separation area and a 5.4m2 total sieve area, although the CR9070 Elevation is equipped with the 10500 litre grain tank and 1000 litre fuel tank of the larger CR9080 Elevation.

The capacity of the CR9070 Elevation machine matches the previous CR9080 model in a smaller chassis allowing the CR9070 to be used on narrow roads. To achieve this capacity, the horsepower has been increased, the rotor speed has been lifted to 1925 rpm, which is 725 rpm more than the previous CR9080 combine and 525rpm more than the CR9060 combine. The rotor cage has been changed to give one extra revolution of the material, which increases the separation potential and the cleaning shoe has been revised to cope with a 20% increase in throughput.

Changes to rotor speed, rotor cage and cleaning shoe have also enhanced the capacity and straw and grain quality of the CR9080 Elevation model. A substantial 75hp increase from the new 12.9 litre Cursor 13 engine to 530hp ensures the new model is has all the power it needs.

The new IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system monitors crop load to ensure a smooth optimisation of the driving speed, consistent and optimum performance and maximum operator comfort. Sensors monitor the load on the header, providing the earliest possible detection in crop load variation.

Best harvest quality
The extra capacity for the rotary CR9000 range is not at the expense of grain quality. The large concave area provides time and space for threshing and separation. Unlike hybrid threshing and separation systems, the in-line crop flow of the Twin Rotor concept uses no longitudinal or transversal drums that can create grain crackage.

The new cleaning system on the Elevation models copes easily with the high throughput, by optimising the stroke and throwing angles of each of the main components. The grain pan is no longer coupled to the pre-sieve and top sieve, allowing each element to operate at optimum efficiency. In addition to the performance benefit, the redesign further reduces overall machine vibrations and increases operator comfort.

The huge harvesting capacity of the CR9000 models brings with it a large quantity of straw to be managed and with conservation tillage becoming more popular, the need to finely chop and evenly distribute straw and chaff is essential. The straw choppers on the CR9000 combine harvesters have been developed and produced by New Holland for high spreading capacity. A choice of four or six rows of knives can be specified. Choppers with six knife rows have knives with impeller characteristics on the outer edge and, complemented by an increased 3500rpm chopper speed, ensure a fine and wide distribution of straw.

Lower costs
New Holland recognises that in modern farming, as in any business, keeping costs down is as important as keeping productivity high. The gentle rubbing of grains and treatment of straw reduces power and therefore fuel requirements, which is good news for the customers and for the environment.

The precise fuel injection and clean burn attributes of the new engines further increases fuel efficiency.

Advanced technology enables the CR9000 combine harvesters to lead the industry. A best-in-class yield monitor forms part of New Holland’s Precision Land Management system, allowing farmers and contractors to carefully monitor crop performance and reduce seed and fertiliser costs where appropriate.

Ultimate comfort
The CR9060, CR9070 Elevation and CR9080 Elevation all benefit from the largest cab on the market, a cab which combines panoramic views with an ergonomic layout of controls and a quiet working environment.

Advances in engine and cleaning system design, as well as superior isolation techniques, have had an impressive effect on noise and vibration levels. With a 60% lower in-cab noise than a main competitor, the CR9000 range has cab noise levels of just 74 dB(A) during operation providing operators with a comfortable surrounding that reduces fatigue and allows long days to be completed with ease.

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