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New Holland Agriculture displays its alternative fuel solutions at SIMA: the Methane-Powered Concept Tractor

• Methane-Powered Concept Tractor: same performance, durability and range autonomy of its Diesel equivalent
• Zero CO2 impact when fuelled with Bio-Methane generated out of renewable sources, such as crop residues and animal slurry
• 80% lower polluting emissions, up to 30% lower running costs
• New CNG fueling station developed in collaboration with Cirrus also on display in the stand – showing how easily and rapidly Methane tractors could be tanked

The Methane-Powered Concept Tractor
Sustainability – a value that drives all New Holland initiatives – is represented in the SIMA stand by the Methane-Powered Concept Tractor, a machine opening the way to the use of alternative fuels in agriculture.

With its Clean Energy Leader strategy, launched in 2006, New Holland pioneered the use of alternative fuels. In 2013, the Brand presented its first T6 Methane Power tractor prototype, which has been further developed and tested with customers in France and other European countries. The Methane-Powered Concept Tractor on display at SIMA is the synthesis and summit of this development.

It combines visionary design with advanced and sustainable methane combustion – thus guaranteeing extra-low CO2 emissions. The engine has been specifically developed for agricultural applications by FPT Industrial, the powertrain Brand of CNH Industrial, and is based on over 20 years of natural gas experience, with more than 30,000 natural gas engines produced for truck and bus applications.

The 6-cylinder engine delivers the same power (180 hp) and torque (740 Nm) as its standard Diesel equivalent, the same durability and service intervals – while providing running cost savings that can reach 30%.

In real field conditions, this tractor produces at least 10% lower CO2 emissions and 80% lower pollutant emissions compared to a standard Diesel tractor. When fuelled by biomethane produced from renewable sources, the CO2 emissions are virtually zero.

This tractor is a vital link in the Energy Independent FarmSM concept, a sustainable “closed-loop" virtuous cycle of farming: from fields to energy generation, and back to fields. The process reduces environmental impact allowing a safe and productive use of agricultural or animal waste (as well as specifically-grown energy crops), and produces fuel-grade biomethane in anaerobic digester plants. Excess energy may power local communities or be sold to the grid, while the by-products of biodigestion are natural fertilizers for the farm’s fields.

A station for fast CNG fueling
A CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling station will also be displayed beside the tractor.
In collaboration with Cirrus, leading manufacturer of compressors and fueling stations, we will allow visitors to experience how a methane-powered tractor could be filled on an individual basis.

The station will include the compressor, a storage tank aimed to speed up the fueling cycle as well as an illustration on how could this station be connected to the grid: a specific gasometer will show tax benefits compared to the gas used for household application.
Screens will display the interactive map of France showing all cities supplied by the gas grid managed by national operator GRDF.

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