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Use this app to calculate grain loss during harvesting and to optimally adjust your combine harvester.
Grain Cam™ Mobile makes this possible without laborious manual grain counting or weighing, which means combined adjustments can be made rapidly in response to correct any issues to minimize losses and maximize production. The loss level is determined by taking a picture of a small area right behind the combine. The app subsequently identifies and counts the number of kernels in that area and calculates the loss level as a percent of total yield and kilograms per hectare.
Winner of Bronze SIMA Innovation Awards.


New Holland Harvest Excellence is the app that helps you set up and maximises your New Holland Combine Harvester performance to obtain the best results.


Grain Loss Calculator

Use this app to calculate grain loss during harvesting and to optimally adjust your combine harvester.

Find out your grain loss, it’s quick and easy! Just follow these three steps:
1. Enter brand, header and cleaning shoe width of your combine.
2. Select the crop you are harvesting: choose between more than 30 crop types and enter the related yield.
3. Insert the Kernels counted on the ground in a limited area.

The app will instantly determine your grain loss. The result is shown in percentage and in kilograms per hectare.
The app can be used with all combine brands and models and covers more than 30 crops.


MYNEWHOLLAND is your gateways to enhanced efficiency and the smart ally for New Holland farmers. Get all the functionality of MYNEWHOLLAND wherever you are, whenever you need it.
The app gives you access to an array of services: you can register your equipment, associate it to your dealer in less than 1 minute, and discover offers, video and manuals related to your fleet, maximized!
You can request active support in one tap and New Holland Customer Centre will help you and your dealer, monitoring the process and notifying you with real time updates.
Main telematics data for connected vehicles will be visible to control your job and the status of the machine, even if you are not in the field.
Valuable resources, learning materials, unlocks and subscription for your PLM (Precision Land Management) devices are at your disposal.

Weather forecast

The essential app for farmers: it provides professional forecasts dedicated to agriculture and important data such as evapotranspiration, degree days and almanac to compare current conditions with average of the same period. In one single place it also provides the most important news on farming and professional agriculture directly from the most authoritative sources. Also locate your nearest New Holland dealer and get driving directions to reach the dealership or contact New Holland for further information or requests.


With this New Holland Agriculture new product App, you will be able to discover all the features, benefits and applications of this brand-new T6 tractor range, by introducing it starting from the customer’s point of view.  The new T6 all-purpose tractor series combines ultimate power with advanced technology to deliver unmatched comfort, visibility and manoeuvrability together with more power and performance. It is the ideal tractor for mixed farming. The first section of the app leads through a walk around of the tractor, outlining the main features. The second section, called On board, takes the visitor into the cab and highlights all elements of the ergonomic layout. The third section, called At Work, explains all the benefits linked to the tractor’s performance and so on. All the features are brought to life with text, images, 3D animations and videos.


The new PLM® Academy App gives you remote access to valuable tutorials and videos through your smartphone or tablet.

• Remotely access tutorials, even while in your machine
• Easy access for machine operators
• On the job learning while in the cab or field
• Videos and tutorials can be watched in `off-line' mode
• Continuously updated content.

STST 4.0

STST 4.0 provides advanced digital services for the New Holland Agriculture dealer and sales network.

STST 4.0 is the innovative digital tool designed for the sales network of New Holland Agriculture. It offers product information, assistance, utilities and training with an integrated and transversal approach to products and services.