The figures tell you everything

With a New Holland backhoe loader, there is no compromise in performance. Dependent upon model, the front loader can be fitted with a front bucket of either 0.9m3, 1.0m3 or 1.15m³ capacity and raise loads of 3380kg - 3550kg to heights of up to 3520mm. The backhoe has a digging depth down to 4665mm increasing up to 5880mm with the telescopic dipper. The bucket breakout force is as high as 5970daN, the dipper breakout coming in at 3225daN or 2390daN if extended. With a New Holland backhoe loader there is absolutely no compromise in performance.

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Front loader - TC Tool Carrier loader designs

SLA Straight Loader Arm features:
• Hydraulic auto self-levelling
• Higher lift capacity
• Greater lift height

TC Tool Carrier loader arm features:
• Mechanical parallel lift and lower
• Greater reach than straight arm
• Ideal for pallet and loading duties

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Common standard loader features

• Auto-glide loader suspension
- automatically activates / deactivates at speeds above / below 9.2kph / 7.6kph
- improves material retention over uneven terrain
- enables faster load cycle times
- higher travel speeds for reduced journey times
• Return to dig and float modes
• Choice of standard, 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 buckets
• All buckets have bolt-on teeth for easy renewal

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Versatile bucket options

• Versatile 4 in 1 bucket is suitable for work to include dozing and grading, bulk materials handling and work as a grab
• The 6 in 1 design adds adjustable forks for pallet work, lifting open loads and working with a strop

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Standard features include:
• Curved arm design for easier loading over trailer sides and obstacles
• Long life pivots with ground level greasing points
• Wide pad stabilisers with adjustable footing
• Powerful bucket and dipper breakout for optimum performance

Key backhoe specification choices include:
• Fixed or extendable dipper arm option
- fixed dipper offers 4710mm dig depth
- telescopic dipper extends dig depth to 5785mm
• Fixed centre or hydraulic side shift option
• Direct fit or quick coupler bucket choice
• Object Handling kit available. EU certified to allow handling of suspended items

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Conventional Pilot Controls

• Conventional pilot controls for the backhoe provide good feedback and response from the hydraulics

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Full Proportional Control

• With full proportional control, pilot backhoe control joysticks are fully adjustable
• Selectable ISO or SAE operating patterns

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Hydraulic side shift

• Hydraulic side shift allows precise backhoe positioning and enables the operator to optimise bucket visibility when excavating a trench or working alongside an obstacle

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Object handling kit

• Object Handling kit adds lifting hook, safety valves to both boom and dipper and overload protection

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