Smooth control, powerful performance

The efficient conversion of engine power into hydraulic muscle lies behind the efficiency of New Holland mini-excavators. All models have three separate pumps to deliver optimised performance when travelling between sites or using the dozer blade, when working with the excavator and when driving hydraulic attachments. For demanding auxiliary attachments, a fourth pump option is available for the E57C and E60C.

To ensure smooth operation, valves control the flow of oil as the rams are fully extended and retracted, automatically providing a cushion effect to smooth the operation of all key functions. In work this reduces shock loads transferred to the machine and operator, reducing fatigue. This feature is further enhanced by the inclusion of an accumulator within the hydraulic circuit.

To further boost performance, the top two models have hydraulic flow summation. This advanced system delivers the enhanced proportional control typically restricted to high capacity excavators exceeding 20t capacity.

Cushioned rams for:
• Smoother operation
• Greater operator comfort
• Reduced machine wear

Hydraulic accumulator delivers:
• Cushioned shock loads
• Oil leak compensation
• Vibration damping
• Emergency hydraulic function

Separate oil pumps deliver:
• Cooler running
• Greater efficiency
• Faster hydraulic response
• Dedicated flow to meet demand
• Fourth pump option E57C and E60C

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Long and short arm choice

Specify your E57C or E60C mini-excavator with the arm length to best suit your requirements.

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Ample boom swing angles

• Efficient parallel digging: good for working along side obstacles
• Less time: no need to reposition the machine, get the job done faster
• Better visibility: larger left swing angle to the side of the door

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Auxiliary hydraulic power and versatility

• Power for grabs and clamshell buckets
• Reversible flow for soil augers
• High capacity constant flow for flails and cutterbars
• Power for hydraulic breakers and hammers

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Clever features

• Hydraulic flow summation system
• Boom hold
• Swing parking brake
• Excellent hydraulic hose protection
• Cylinder protection covers on boom, dipper and dozer

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Boom pivot pins secured by plate and bolt

• Reduced lateral movement
• Long service life
• Reliable performance in tough conditions
• Lower whole life operating costs

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