Designed around you

Slim frame pillars ensure excellent all-round visibility, with a good view of the boom and dipper. When working in a confined area or between valuable crops such as in a vineyard, nursery or an orchard, a New Holland mini-excavator can be operated with absolute precision for minimal disruption. New Holland E17C mini-excavators are fitted with a canopy only, while the E19C, E26C, E30C and E37C are offered with a choice of canopy or full cab. The E57C and E60C are cab only. All variants are ROPS roll-over (with the exception of E17C), TOPS tip-over and FOPS falling-object compliant to ISO standards. Low noise and vibration levels ensure extended work periods can be undertaken in comfort with no compromise in operator safety.

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Driver Comforts Prioritised

• Adjustable suspension seat
• Adjustable wrist rests
• Front screen opens or can be raised clear
• Integrated cup holders are fitted to the E26C and above
• E26C and above have a lockable compartment under the seat

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Enhanced Ventilation

• Powerful ventilation for cooling or heating
• Automatic climate control as standard on E57C and E60C

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Staying Connected

• Standard hands free feature available on E57C and E60C
• Control your mobile phone and music via Bluetooth

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