Excellent stability, maximum traction

Built for versatility, New Holland mini-excavators have powerful traction matched to a low centre of gravity for stability across difficult terrain. The dozer blade, which is lowered for stability when excavating, features excellent geometry for levelling and grading. Dependent upon model, there are four choices of track design, with the E17C and E18C also featuring hydraulic variable track width.

All models except the E18C feature Auto Shift Down. On steep inclines, the two-speed drive can be set to automatically default into low range to maintain forward speed with no input from the operator.

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Auto Shift Down

Always travel at the machine’s highest speed. Auto Shift Down is available an all models with the exception of the E18C.

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Unrivalled Protection

• E17C and E18C travel motor hoses run inside the track frame for protection
• Excellent ground clearance, up to 170mm on E17C
• Double-flange rollers feature as standard to minimise the risk of de-tracking

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Width Adjustment

• E17C and E18C track width adjusts from 980mm to 1300mm
• This function is hydraulically controlled from the operator seat

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Dozer blade extenders

• Dozer blade extenders are standard on variable track width E17C and E18C models
• Simple pin lock system

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Wide tracks offering

1 - Rubber tracks
2 - Rubber link tracks
3 - Steel tracks
4 - Steel tracks with rubber pads

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