New Holland 9090X twin hopper

Power ECE R120 - ISO 14396 [kW/hp(CV)]134/182
Number of SDC shakers (standard rotation)24
Number of collection buckets2x68
2 Stainless steel hoppers (L)2000L per hopper

Standard  Optional 
New Holland 9090X twin hopper
Vineyard row spacing (m)
Vineyard row spacing (m)›2.2
Clearance Max (machine fully lifted) (m)
Clearance Max (machine fully lifted) (m)2.97
Multifunctional grape harvester with Quick uncoupling
Compliant with engine emissions regulationsStage V
Power ECE R120 - ISO 14396 [kW/hp(CV)]134/182
Cylinders / Aspiration6 Turbo with Intercooler
ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Reversible cooling fan
Tractor base unit
Diesel capacity / AdBlue capacity (L)270 / 41
Hydrostatic transmission with anti-skid system (Twin-Lock)
Heavy duty high-efficiency transmission, with 18.6mph road speed*
Maximum steering angle (°)90
Front wheel torque limiter
Maximum slope (with auger) (%)39
Maximum slope (with destemmer) (%)35
Maximum lateral slope (%)30
IMS 2.0 - Intelligent management system 2nd generation
CDHA - Automatic height and lateral slope correction
Cruise control with radar
Electric park brake with brake pedal and seat button
Front multifunction tool carrier
Harvesting head
Number of SDC shakers (standard rotation)24
Flexible rear shaker fixation
Semi-Quick coupling of the picking head
Optimized shaking (hydraulic extra wide frame width adjustment pinch)
Quick release shaker plates
Sealed length of collection buckets (mm)2499
Number of collection buckets2x68
Bucket sizeXXL with 4 clips
Ground sensor for auto-leveling
No tool Noria tightening system
Hydraulic cane removers
Automatic swing lock system
High capacity cleaning conveyors (mm)701
Upper cleaning fans with rear exhaust
Lower cleaning fans
Destemmer with easy rotor height adjustment system
Crop repartitor with non destemming from cabOptional with Destemmer
2 Stainless steel hoppers (L)2000L per hopper
Pre-washing system with 6 nozzle rinse hose and valves
Washing remote control
Washing suits (2 size kit: M-L and XL-XXL)
Harvesting head centralized greasing
Progressive bin level indicator
Cab inside volume (m3)2.23
Cab glass area (m2)2.27
Actuated access ladder and platform with light
Protective structureROPS Code 8
Air conditioning and refrigerated box
Cab filtration system / category level (EN 15695) / 2
Blue Cab™ 4 package**
Bluetooth radio with separated microphone (hand free phone calls)
2 integrated speakers
Adjustable armrest & multifunction handle
IntelliView™ IV touch screen monitor with adjustable position
Splitable color monitor for cameras
Cameras (color)2 STD /+2 OPT
Heated and ventilated bi-color deluxe seat
Lights with dedicated Light Control Panel (LCP)12
Mirrors with electrical adjustment
Right mirrors retractable
Front and back glass sunshades
Premium Viticulture/PLM®
Row Tracking System (RTS)
Grape static weighting system with printer
MyPLM®Connect Telematics professional package

Standard Optional – Not available
* Only for ​market authorizing homologation
** Blue Cab™ 4 package: Featuring Category 4 filtration (EN 15695-1 and -2), Automatic A/C, heated and ventilated bi-color deluxe seat, LED working lights, removable 12V Cooler