Ploughing productivity

For centuries, farmers have relied on the plough for one of the most reliable methods of eradicating weeds. However, the advantages of ploughing are manyfold, and include breaking through the capillary, combining crop residues and fertilizer and promoting the release of nutrients through mineralisation.

Low fuel consumption

Thanks to their efficient design, New Holland ploughs require up to 15% less draft effort compared to leading competitors.

Over 165 years of plough making experience

New Holland ploughs are produced in our dedicated factory in the town of Överum, Sweden. The Överum plant has been producing ploughs for over 165 years - and every plough produced benefits from this vast experience.



The PH range of ploughs

The PH range could be considered the true workhorse of the New Holland plough line-up. This range of fully mounted, reversible ploughs, is compatible with tractors of up to 220hp that undertake heavy duty ploughing duties. Their sleek, modern design ensure they cut an eye catching figure in the field. The extendable frame design enhances ploughing flexibility.

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Productivity enhancing frame design

The PH range has 2 plates along the frame that increases the width towards the front of the plough – where the forces are greater. The wheel is placed to the rear for ideal weight transfer.

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Plough alignment

The PH range is available with the hydraulic plough alignment system as standard.

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First furrow adjustment

The first furrow adjustment mechanism ensures that the ploughing rows match up on the return pass. This prevents both ridges and drops in the field – facilitating secondary cultivation activities.

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