DISC CULTIVATORS Tillage Equipment


Cage roller

• Hollow tubes provide good crumbling and leveling on light soils
• Roller position can be moved 14cm to bring the weight forward
• SDM features 450mm diameter cage roller
• SDH features 550mm diameter cage roller

Ring roller

• The 600mm ring roller is extremely versatile and available on mounted and trailed SDH & SDM models
• It is well suited to working in all conditions to include consolidating wet heavy soils
• Designed to leave a soft surface layer, with a more consolidated layer underneath
• Sprung scrapers between the rings reduce blockages
• Soil is not consolidated between the rings so moisture can easily drain through the cultivated soil
• Ring roller leaves an ideal finish for over-wintered ground

Single & Double U rollers

• SDM & SDH trailed can be specified with the 560mm Double U roller
• Double U roller is a versatile all-rounder suitable for a variety of soils and has excellent carrying capacity
• The U rings fill with soil and produce a soil on soil contact effect, thereby avoiding capping the surface and causing a crust
• SDM & SDH mounted models are available with a single U roller

Double cage roller

• SDH T trailed models can be specified with a pivoting twin cage roller suitable for heavier soils
• Front 460mm roll is made up of eight hollow tube bars, the rear 430mm unit having solid square bars
• The rollers rotate at different speeds and produce a more aggressive crushing action and finer tilth
• The pivoting feature allows the roller to accurately follow contours and maintain consistent consolidation