The SBLV range

The SBLV range of seedbed cultivators

The mounted SBL V range of seedbed cultivators feature the classic Vibro S tine configuration, making it perfect for use in all types of soil. The share point is placed straight under the fixation point to maintain exact and uniform working depth. When the tine is bent backwards, the share point is only lifted a few millimetres. The SBL V range is available with either Vibro S or SQ tines.

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A wide range of options to suit your needs

You can select from a wide range of options to ensure your SBL V seedbed cultivator meets your requirements.

• SPAGC levelling bar crumbles all types of the soil in front of the implement
• FLGC longfinger harrow levels and mixes the top layer in light soils with or without stones and straw
• RDGC double rotacrat is for medium to heavy soils and generates extra crumbling as well as pressing the top layer

More combinations including REGC, CEGC and RLGC are available through Aftermarket Solutions

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Heavy duty frame design

A rubber shock absorber is mounted on the harrow’s drawbar frame. It protects both the harrow and the tractor from impacts during operation.

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The benefits of vibrating tines

The hardened vibrating tines ensure an intensive workout for the soil all whilst maintaining exact working depth. The patented round profile steel delivers even more intense vibration for enhanced soil preparation.

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Pick the tine which suits you

SQ tines are suitable for all types of soil and delivers an optimal penetration/ mixing solution. Their 60° angle prevents pulling up wet undersoil. The smaller circular bend renders the tine more rigid for even more accurate depth control.

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A range of 9 possible working widths

This range of seedbed cultivators offers working widths of between 2.5 and 6.7 metres with a transport width of between 2.6 and 3.4 metres. This range offers the ultimate in ease of use thanks to quick and easy depth control courtesy of one single adjusting handle. The semi-quick hitch makes attaching the implement even easier.

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Strong frame design

The SBL V, featuring Vibro S or Vibro SQ tines, has a central frame and side wing construction. In addition to the advantages the SBL V model offers, for enhanced working depth precision, wider and larger 165R15 wheels can be fitted- This low pressure option are less sensitive to uneven soil surface.

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