The SGX range

The SGX range of seedbed cultivators

Your harvest ultimately starts with the seed that goes into the ground, and ensuring it has the best start means you will reap the subsequent yield benefits. Only by selecting the right equipment to prepare the seedbed can the full benefit of fertilisers, crop protection products and the weather conditions be achieved. New Holland’s range of seedbed cultivators has been designed to deliver a one-pass seedbed preparation, to both optimise in-field activities, as well as to reduce overall operating costs.

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Individual working sections

The four to six working sections are individually suspended beneath the main frame in a unique hydraulic suspension system, which enables each section to follow the soil’s contours extremely accurately. As a result, the desired working depth can be achieved across the entire working width as well as uniform reconsolidation.

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Six working zones

The SGX range features six key working zones to ensure optimal seedbed preparation
1 Track eradicators: these optional tines are fitted to eradicate tracks and wheel marks. The number of tines can be adjusted to accommodate for dual wheels or tracked machines.
2 Front flexboard: a hydraulically adjustable Flexboard levels the soil ahead of the first depth roller, already eliminating the majority of topsoil unevenness. This leads to smoother, more efficient operation.
3 Front roller: the heavy duty 320mm diameter front roller controls the working depth.
4 Straight 32x12mm Vibro SG tines: five rows of straight tines are placed at 6cm intervals to ensure complete cultivation and mixing throughout the soil profile.
5 Rear levelling board: provides a light levelling effect to leave a uniform surface.
6 Rear roller: the rear double roller combination provides effective crumbling and reconsolidation. The front roller controls the working depth. Different roller combinations can be specific to suit your specific requirements.

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Three hitch options

Customers can choose between three hitch options: a category three lower lift bar connection; a 40/50mm ring drawbar or a K80 ball hitch.

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Precise working depth. Always

In order to obtain a precise working depth, New Holland uses a patented system whereby the pulling point is placed directly behind the first row of tines, thus ensuring the machine is perfectly balanced.

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Rear rollers

Two Cage rollers are fitted as standard – the first is positioned in front of the tine section and the other behind. The cage rollers support the cultivator in its working position. This results in an even seedbed down to a maximum depth of 8cm. A rotacrat roller is positioned behind the rear cage roller in order to ensure the correct compaction and finish is achieved.

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Select the roller which is right for you

A whole range of rollers can be specified to ensure you find the ones which meets your needs
• B 320mm diameter roller features a strong tubular design and delivers medium crumbling and reconsolidation
• C 320mm diameter roller features a robust construction and delivers very good crumbling and medium reconsolidation
• K 350mm diameter roller delivers optimal reconsolidation in clay soils
• R 290mm diameter roller has a good crumbling effect

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Adjustable levelling bar

The spring loaded levelling bar is situated behind the tine section, this ensures that the soil in relocated evenly across the entire working width, leaving a completely level surface.

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Three hydraulic system advantage

Benefitting from three hydraulic circuits, New Holland’s range of seedbed cultivators have been designed so that only two double acting hydraulic spool valve are required on the tractor. The three hydraulic circuits are
• A single acting spool valve to fill the wing pressure cylinders.
• A double acting spool valve to fold the cultivator.
• A double acting spool valve to raise and lower the transport wheels

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Narrow tine section

The seedbed cultivator range features 19 tines per metre at a uniform tine spacing starting from 6cm. The narrow tine sections ensure that each section prepares the soil at the predetermined depth.

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