Guaranteed accuracy with camera guidance and GPS section control

SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators are based around the same operating principles as the SRC models and are offered with 8, 12, 16 or 18 rows. SRC SmartSteer™ camera guidance technology offers increased working precision and productivity with the added advantage of reduced demands upon the operator. GPS section control ensures every part of the field is cultivated, eliminating weed patches and resulting in more healthy plants per hectare.

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Hydraulic side-shift frame

SRC SmartSteer™ models are fitted with a side-shift frame that adjusts the lateral movement of the cultivator to ensure it stays between the rows and compensates for sudden tractor movements. The frame is controlled via a terminal that receives signals from the New Holland SmartSteer™ camera.

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New Holland SmartSteer™ camera

The SRC SmartSteer™ camera operates by contrasting the colour of the crop and soil (standard 2D mode), and uses this data to determine the rows of crop. Signals from the camera are processed within the SRC terminal to control the side-shift frame. The camera links to a user-friendly touchscreen monitor.

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2D or 3D mode choice

As an option, the camera can operate in 3D Professional mode. This enables the camera to detect not only the colour but also the height of both weeds and crop to ensure the cultivator continues to follow the crop row even where weed contamination varies.

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Proportional corrections

3D Professional mode offers other benefits to include proportional control of the side-shift frame hydraulics. In work, side-shift corrections are smoother thanks to the proportional hydraulic flow resulting in more fluid machine movements.

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ISOBUS section control

Section control option can lift each individual row unit automatically. This allows working against crop rows, such as at an angled headland, and avoids damaging healthy standing crop. Uncultivated headland patches where weeds would normally thrive are eliminated. The system can be controlled via GPS and ISOBUS or third party systems connected to the units controller.

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