Cultivator options

A whole range of equipment to customise your stubble cultivator

In order to ensure that your stubble cultivator meets your individual requirements, New Holland has developed a range of customisable options to cater to every farms need.

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There are seven types of rear rollers on the ST range and three distinct types of rear rollers are available on the STC and STX V models, as shown below, to deliver consistent compaction after cultivation. This helps assist in speeding up the germination of weeds and lost grains. Positive contact between the soil and the plant residues further assists quick decomposition.

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Max Pack rollers

Max Pack rollers feature notched steel rings positioned at 12.5cm intervals for firm level surface and are the perfect choice when working in heavy soils where clod crushing is required. Max Pack rollers not only compact the top soil, but thanks to the rings’ angled shoulders, they create some side-packing within the soil. The load is evenly distributed between the top and lower soil layers. Max Pack rollers are recommended when working with trailed models.

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Vibro Pack rollers

The newly developed range of Vibro Pack spring rollers utilise the advantages of offset vibrating springs, delivering optimal compaction across the entire working width with low rolling resistance, is perfect when working in a range of medium to heavy soils. As well as packing the soil, the Vibro Pack option also creates a crumbling effect in the soil. The 12.5cm spacing assists in moisture absorption.

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Cage rollers

The entry level Cage rollers work well in all soils and have the advantage of constant rotation.

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Two types of levelling options are available. Disc levellers are ideal for heavy soil and, hockey stick tine levellers are ideal for light and medium soils. Both of these levellers are positioned behind the tine section to maximise soil relocation.

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Disc leveller

The spring disc levelers delivers constant, blockage free rotation and facilitates further mixing of plant residues for even faster decomposition. The disc levelers are connected to the frame in sections Each section features the two 460mm, diameter notched discs. The discs depth is adjusted in tandem with the rest of the machine, However there is a independent depth adjustment Turnbuckle available.

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Hockey stick leveller

The entry-level hockey stick levelling system features two hockey stick tines connected to a spring, This system’s action levels the soil after the cultivator tines, which enables the rear roller to create a level surface.

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A wide variety of shares

The New Holland stubble cultivator range can be specified with a wide variety of shares, all of which are manufactured from hardened steel, for exceptional durability. The range comprises of:
•  Grass shares (STX V)
• 6.5cm and 11cm reversible mulching shares (STX V)
• 14cm and 26cm goose foot shares (STX V)
• A reversible 8cm + 26cm mixing share (STX V)
• A standard 35cm mixing share (ST C)
• 8cm mulching share (ST C)

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Heavy duty front wheels

The heavy duty front wheels are standard on all trailed models and feature turnbuckle adjustment system. These wheels provide support during operation to ensure consistent levelling and to help prevent nose diving.

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