The ST range

The ST stubble cultivator

The New Holland ST stubble cultivator has been designed with a whole range of innovative features to ensure the ultimate in stubble cultivation performance.

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A spring steel shank holds the discs to enable effective operation in a wide range of soils. The carrying frame can be moved forwards or rearwards between the times and the roller as desired. The outer discs level the soil between passes and are easily removed for transport.

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Tandem Cutter Roller

Choose the Tandem Cutter Roller when large volumes of crop residue need to be incorporated into the soil. The powerful wave shaped, 550mm diameter discs cut through large clods efficiently for optimal residue incorporation.

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Automatic reset stone protection

The ST has been designed to cultivate in a wide variety of soils, including shallow, rocky and stony soils. A heavy duty spring mechanism protects the cultivator when encountering large rocks, and the pivoting geometry enables the tine leg to pivot upwards and rearwards to skim over the obstacle before immediately re-engaging at the preset cultivation depth. In addition to the spring mechanism, the leg is protected by a shear bolt – which may be fitted in two positions to provide differing penetration and tine operating angles – a real benefit in the hardest soils.

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Advanced frame design

The main frame and brackets are produced from high grade 100mm square steel box section which provides exceptional strength and durability. The 800mm frame clearance and 1000mm distance between the main frame tubes has been designed to prevent trash blockages – and which also enables the ST range to operate at high forward speeds.

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Rear roller

Cage rollers are available in 450, 550, and 630mm sizes to cope with different soil structures and density, along with a secondary tandem roller if required. The roller controls the cultivation depth of the tines, as well as performing a levelling function.

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