The STXV range

The STX V range of stubble cultivators

The New Holland range of STX V all-round stubble cultivators are perfect for conventional stubble operations as well as those looking for mulch tilling. With uniform performance across the total working area, down to a depth of 15cm in one pass, the STX V range features vibrating tines which reduces the power requirement as well as reducing fuel consumption. The entire range is also easy to maintain.

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The vibrating advantage

The STX V range features constantly vibrating tines which leave an open soil structure allowing moisture to easily penetrate. Furthermore, an additional crumbling effect is achieved, as the soil breaks up along its natural fracture lines. The four rows of tines deliver an intensive mixing of field residues in one pass. The heavy duty spring also features in-built rearward and sideways protection.

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Constant working depth

Constant working depth is achieved as the share point always operates directly under the tine flex point. Working depths from 6-15cm can be achieved during a single pass operation, which increases to 25cm on the subsequent pass.

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