The project support is currently helping children to sustain their academics in difficult social & economic circumstances and is motivating them to dream big by continuing with their studies for a better future. CNH Industrial has been catering to the educational needs of 220 beneficiaries under the age category of 7 to 15 years at a school, Nai Disha in Noida. The Mission Education project follows a ‘student-centred approach’ which actively engages the children in the learning process fostering healthy behaviour and holistic development.

The education system came to halt because of COVID 19; through the implementing partner, Smile Foundation, we continued to provide support via online and offline modes to children to continue their schooling from home. Grade wise\class wise Whats App Group have been created for sharing work sheet content related videos and sessions for doubt clearing.

Different education application platforms are being used to reach out to the beneficiaries such as iDream learning Mobile application that gives access to enjoyable educational and life skills content covering curriculum from grades KG – XII. Major subjects included are Math, Science, EVS, Social Science, Commerce and English. Swayam Prabha - (Study Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is being used by those children who have no access to smart phones. Channel 32, where NCERT School and Teacher Education content for the primary/middle/upper primary/secondary/higher secondary children is being broadcast is also being viewed. Diksha app is being used to access lesson plans, worksheets and activities. Gurushala website is being used to strengthen the capacities of teachers for re-inventing their teaching mechanism to cater to the New Normal; teachers have enrolled themselves for online courses which are available in both languages i.e. English and Hindi. After the completion of course, the teachers were given a certificate of completion


The aim of the project Enable a technology driven learning environment in schools with an ingenious combination of technology and curriculum mapped content 77 Schools at 77 Sapphire & Centurion Dealer Location. Starting with 77 schools at Sapphire & Centurion Dealer location under AG & 20 dealer locations under CE. Approximately 50000 students have been impacted through this project. Approximately 700 teachers have been trained to impart education through this technology driven device

“New Holland/Case CE Digital Classroom” Project supports innovative learning. This project is based on KYan technology aims to improve educational outcomes by facilitating the overall development of Indian students by giving them access to the world of information and modern teaching methodologies. It intends to catalyze improvement in key development indicators in the local vicinity of its dealers’ operational areas through an education initiative for improving the social capital and economic development, creating access to opportunities and resources. The KYan device is one of the core technology components of K-Class, which is a technology-led academic support system, aimed at assisting the teacher in creating a more stimulating environment in the classroom, thereby making education more involving and enriching for the students. KYan digital units comprise of multimedia lessons, videos, mind maps, assessments and practice sheets for science, mathematics and social science. The New Holland Digital Classroom Project helps :
• To improve educational outcomes by impacting school education from Class 1-12;
• To revolutionize the Teaching-Learning process in the schools by setting up of innovative IT enabled education solution;
• To enable a technology driven learning environment in schools with an ingenious combination of technology and curriculum mapped content.

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