Hydraulic Power

All T7 Heavy Duty tractors are fitted with an advanced Closed Centre Load Sensing hydraulic system as standard. Delivering 165 litres/minute as standard, enough to power the majority of farming applications. For the most hydraulically demanding customers, the MegaFlow™ option offers an impressive 220 litres/minute of flow. If that wasn’t enough, New Holland has engineered the CCLS system to operate at peak efficiency. The benefit? Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and linkage, but only as much as is needed. The result? Reduced fuel consumption.

Hydraulic remote valve management

In order to tailor hydraulic remote valve control to the individual operator, the T7 Heavy Duty range features a hydraulic remote valve management system. You can control which switches on the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle and on the Integrated Control Panel manage which individual remote. You can also define which paddle operates the fifth remote. These settings can be linked to an individual implement when saved for fast recall.

Flow control using the intelliview monitor

The IntelliView™ touchscreen monitor makes setting flow rates to individual valves simple. Scroll through the menus and select valve control. Choose the outlet you wish to adjust, and drag the slider with your finger to the desired setting. Job done.

Up to 8 electronic remotes

T7 remote valves are easy to identify with color-coded couplers and levers. All eight remotes can be controlled without moving away from the SideWinder™ II armrest, allowing you to identify and work each remote with exact precision. Four remote levers are on the armrest and two valves are controlled either using the two additional paddles located to the right of the IntelliView™ monitor, or by using the CommandGrip™ handle or by using the electronic joystick. Flow, timing and detent settings can be set to precisely match the job.

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