More stable transport. Smoother in-field performance.

The T8 Genesis™ range features up-rated front axles in line with its 20 tonne gross vehicle weight, which mean that you can work with even heavier attachments with ease. Terraglide™ front axle suspension is a standard feature and its twin dampers and accumulators deliver a silky smooth ride. The engine and subframe have been designed to maximize turning performance, so that the front wheels can nip in tight against the sculpted sump and tombstone for tight turning.

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Terraglide™ front axle suspension

New Holland Terraglide™ front axle suspension is proven to protect the tractor, mounted implements and the operator from heavy shock loads during transport and in the field. In the field the advanced suspension system maintains contact between the tyre and the ground to improve traction. Full suspension travel is always maintained thanks to the system adapting to changes in the weight applied to the front of the tractor.

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All-new Semi-Active Comfort Ride™ cab suspension

The optional Semi-Active cab suspension system uses a network of sensors which monitor cab position, velocity and acceleration, together with cab pitch and roll to automatically adjust the individually controlled hydro-pneumatic rear cab suspension struts to ensure the smoothest ride. The operator can select from three different modes normal, soft - used to absorb large bumps, ideal when working in soft and rough terrain at slow speeds or hard - ideal when working at higher speeds and during road transport.

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Advanced traction management

The New Holland Terralock™ system enables the operator to simply select the traction package needed for a specific application. Terralock will then manage drive to the front axle and engage and release the differential locks automatically. During a headland turn or moving from work to transport, Terralock will unlock the differentials and four wheel drive without operator intervention.

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