Three factory-fitted guidance packages

When ordering your T8 Genesis™, you can choose between three different guidance packages. This means that your T8 Genesis™ will arrive direct from the factory with the exact accuracy level you require. Choose your accuracy level right down to the most precise 2.5cm* option. Extremely beneficial for precision arable applications, especially in high value vegetable or bulb farming.

* Using PLM RTK or PLM RTK+ correction signal

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IntelliTurn™ Intelligent End-of-Row-Turn system

The IntelliView™ 12 monitor can be used to manage the optional IntelliSteer® autoguidance system. The IntelliView™ 12 monitor enables fingertip programming of a variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to the most complex IntelliTurn™ end-of-row turn feature. IntelliTurn improves efficiency by automatically plotting and executing the most efficient turn path to minimize “out of work” time during the turn, as well as ensuring the implement re-enters the infield work area on the desired path. The result is a system that automatically chooses the appropriate turn style (light bulb, constant arc or extended path), plots the most efficient path and executes it. This can now be combined with HTS II (Headland Turn Sequencing II), causing it to triggered at a preset distance from the headland.

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Two way communication

The T8 Genesis™ range is fitted with ISOBUS II as standard or optional ISOBUS III technology. ISOBUS III means the tractor and implement can communicate with each other, relaying information back and forth, resulting in the implement controlling the speed of the tractor to achieve maximum productivity.

When connected to a New Holland BigBaler this enables the IntelliCruise™ feature, which controls the tractor’s forward speed to increase productivity, improve operator comfort, improve fuel savings and optimise feeding rates in varying field and crop conditions. This system has two running modes, Charge Control Mode for maximum capacity or Slice Control Mode to obtain the desired number of slices per bale.

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A choice of three

New Holland offers customers the choice between three differing levels of accuracy
1. PLM 1 = 15cm accuracy
2. PLM 2 = 5cm accuracy
3. PLM RTK & PLM RTK+ = 2.5cm accuracy

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PLM Cygnus Receiver

The new PLM Cygnus Receiver delivers improved machine position thanks to its integrated terrain compensation technology. It also enables quicker convergence times, as well as enhanced reliability in challenging conditions such as when working in valleys and in heavily forested areas.

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