SmartTrax. The half-track advantage.

SmartTrax T8 Genesis™ models represent a key advance in conventional tractor design, combining the in field advantages of a wheeled tractor with the flotation and traction benefits of a tracked machine. Factory developed specifically for the T8 Genesis™ series and available on T8.410 and T8.435 models, SmartTrax are not simply a ‘bolt-on’ alternative to rear wheels. Detailed modifications to the transmission and driveline ensure maximum power and torque can be transmitted to the tracks for dependable performance in the most demanding of applications.

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Comfort as standard

Solid tracks cannot deliver the same cushioning from shock loads as a tyre. With T8 Genesis™ SmartTrax, the optional specially tuned suspended front axle and standard cab suspension help to cushion the ride for a genuine comfort advantage over a twin-track machine.

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Contour following

Over uneven terrain, the pivoting SmartTrax undercarriage can articulate to follow the ground. Result? Continuous soil contact and the ability to work in diverse conditions and terrain for true New Holland versatility.

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Terralock™ advantage

The combination of driven front wheels and SmartTrax deliver outstanding traction. Powered front wheels deliver the agility of a conventional tractor while the Terralock™ differential lock management system ensures the tractor stays on line in work, without snaking in greasy patches, unlike twin-track machines. In high draft applications, a T8 Genesis™ SmartTrax delivers the optimum balance between power and performance.

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Get on, stay on

Get going sooner, keep working longer. A lighter footprint has obvious advantages in helping to reduce compaction. But it delivers more. With SmartTrax you can start working earlier and stay working later in conditions that could compromise a twintrack tractor. Productivity and soil care can go hand in hand.

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Turn without the ber

During a tight headland turn, a tracklayer can cause damage to the soil, creating a “berm” ridge. With SmartTrax, tight turns are cleaner and less damaging. The result: no more rough headlands.

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Full power turns

When working on headlands or around obstacles, where an element of turning is required with the implement still in the ground, SmartTrax has the advantage of allowing full power to be maintained throughout the turn. With SmartTrax, forward motion is not compromised by steering.

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On the right track

New Holland’s SmartTrax™ rubber track technology is the fruit of many years of intensive research and development in collaboration with farmers the world over. SmartTrax™ feature some of the most advanced technology to ensure they deliver in your fields. Day in. Day out. All year round.

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High flotation

The ground contact area of a SmartTrax track will be up to 325% greater than a tyre. A bigger and longer footprint delivers better traction in sandy or tilled soil conditions.

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Track width

SmartTrax can be fitted with tracks of 45.7, 61 and 76.2cm width. From row crop to broad acre farming, there is a SmartTrax option to fit your specific needs.

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Track spacing

New Holland provides a variety of track options not only for rowcrop applications with track settings from 193cm.

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