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New Holland Agriculture Wins “National Agricultural Machinery Consumer Satisfying Brand” Award in China

Shanghai, June 1st, 2015

The New Holland BC5000 small square baler was rewarded at the 7th edition of the “National Agricultural Machinery Consumer Satisfying Brand” Award. This is the second consecutive time that the high quality of New Holland’s products is recognized with this important national award bestowed by the Farm Machinery magazine.

Farm Machinery was founded in 1958 and is one of the first agricultural machinery journals in China, with the largest circulation in the agriculture business. The magazine is supervised by the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) and has a wide-ranging influence in the agricultural machinery field, also among the users.

New Holland is the hay tools leader
For generations, New Holland has set the gold standard for haymaking. In fact, its reputation for innovation and quality began with the small square baler, a machine that revolutionized hay and straw harvesting, putting New Holland on the map as the haymaking specialist. Today, New Holland’s small square baler is not only a well-known product worldwide, but also a “best seller” in the Chinese market. There have been more New Holland small square balers sold than any other brand’s. With more than 700,000 balers sold until today, New Holland has been recognized as the leader in balers with a well-earned reputation for quality, reliability and engineering excellence.

Reliable and hard-working, now even more productive
Contractors and operators who custom bale, are big fans of New Holland square balers. In fact, New Holland bales are the only choice for hand feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle.

In the latest generation of balers New Holland has introduced further improvements to the BC5000 Series to make them more convenient and even more durable. New improvements include reinforced tension rail anchor support, convex slide block for longer wear and improved plunger performance, and haydog spring mount reinforcement for improved durability.

Adding more convenience also improves productivity. That is why the BC5000 model balers have been conceived with a flip-up shield over the main gearbox, a redesigned knotter gear drive, an easier access to the plunger bearing and cam for inspection and adjustment, new hydraulic hose storage slots in the power pivot shield, together with new optional halogen work lights and a roading light kit.

SuperSweep™ pickup saves valuable crop
All BC5000 balers feature the wide SuperSweep pickup to get every bit of the crop. Wider pickups and attention to every detail — down to the curve of the tines — make the difference in productivity at the front end of these machines. BC5000 balers equipped with SuperSweep pick up extra crop that conventional pickups miss. With the BC5000, users can bale about 8,000-10,000 bundles of hay every 20 hours, which means higher productivity and higher performance efficiency.

BC5000 balers have been widely appreciated by the Chinese market not only for the variety of tools and the wider adaptability, but also for the level of service provided by New Holland’s dealer network, which supports its customers at every step with the equipment, after-sales service, parts supply, and other services they require.

New Holland full liner and leading hay and forage equipment manufacturer
New Holland offers a full line of agricultural machinery and is a leading manufacturer of hay and forage equipment in China with a wide offering that includes round and large balers, windrowers, bale wagons, mower conditioners, rakes and self-propelled forage harvesters.

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