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New Holland Agriculture shows new Roll Baler and Kongskilde-brand products for first time at CIAME 2017

At the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (CIAME) which opened in Wuhan today, New Holland Agriculture has displayed its new Roll Baler 125 round baler and a variety of Kongskilde-brand products for the first time.

The Roll Baler 125 adds further choice to New Holland’s popular range of balers. Designed for professional baling operation, the baler provides high productivity and uniform bale formation for Chinese customers. The Kongskilde range of agricultural equipment enhances New Holland’s offering with ploughs, cultivators, seed drills, grass-harvesting and feeding machines.

CIAME takes place from October 26th to 28th at the Wuhan International Expo Center in the capital city of Hubei province. Organised by the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA), the annual event is a meeting point for manufacturers, importers, dealers, and operators. This year CIAME features 1,900 exhibitors from 14 countries and is expected to attract 130,000 visitors from 60 countries.

New Holland’s new Roll Baler 125
The new Roll Baler 125 is designed to operate in a wide range of conditions and to deliver consistently high bale quality even when working with heavy grass, dense hay, or large, dry brittle straw swaths and corn stoves. The all-new advanced roller design with 10 notches reduces crop losses in dry conditions and provides perfect grip in all conditions, always ensuring superior bale density.

The Roll Baler 125’s pick-up is 300mm wider than the previous model’s, at 2.3m. Best-in-class pick-up efficiency is delivered by the pick-up’s five tine bars with double-cam drive, plus the adjustable suspension. The improved roller windguard ensures perfect feeding of very small or heavy windrows and is available with removable fixed or swivel wheels. With wheels installed, maximum width remains less than 3m.

The Roll Baler 125’s optional feed rotor declutch protection system ensures fast unplugging even in extreme conditions. On the rare occasions that blockages might occur, they are made easier to clear by a new cab-operated drop floor which lowers by 120mm at the front and 60mm at the rear.

When the drop floor is lowered, the baler’s knives lower automatically. The operator can select operation with 10 knives or all 20, and can switch between these two settings without having to stop for sharpening, which reduces service time and increases productivity. As the bale nears completion, the knives can be retracted for the final layer, leaving a smoother surface and improving the bale’s integrity for wrapping. When not in use, the knives are raised automatically every time the bale chamber is opened, ensuring self-cleaning of the knives bank.

First showing of Kongskilde products
New Holland’s parent company, CNH Industrial, acquired Kongskilde Agriculture of Denmark in February 2017 to broaden its already impressive product offering. Whereas New Holland is a global market leader in hay and forage equipment, Kongskilde is a highly reputed manufacturer of ploughs, cultivators, seed drills, grass-harvesting and feeding machines. Three examples of these were exhibited at CIAME.

The largest Kongskilde machine on display was the HRS51080 plough, from the brand’s well-known HRT/S-series. These fully mounted reversible machines are intended for heavy-duty ploughing with big tractors up to 220 hp. The range is available with four, five and six furrows, with furrow width mechanically adjustable from 35 to 50cm, and with a point-to-point distance of 100cm. A substantial pivot shaft of 150mm diameter spreads the load while the plough is turning over. For stone release, there is a shear bolt systems; the latter reduces the lift requirement because it has a lower weight and a centre-of-gravity closer to the tractor. On the road the machine is transported in a butterfly position, like a semi-mounted plough, to minimise stress on the tractor.

Also shown was the Kongskilde Paragrubber ECO 3000 sub-soiler, which helps improve crop-growth by breaking-up soil to a working depth of 50cm. Depth is controlled by a rear crumbler-type cage roller or double-cutter roller. The Paragrubber lifts and loosens soil with exceptional efficiency across its full 3-metre width. The Paragrubber is easy to combine with a rotavator, making it possible to incorporate the stubble into the soil as well as sub-soiling in one pass.

The third of the Kongskilde machines on display at CIAME was the Stonebear 5200, designed for the removal and collection of stones from cultivated land in one operation. Unlike many stone picking machines, the Stonebear has a low tractor power requirement of just 72 to 80hp, despite having a working width of 4 or 5.2m, a rake with an ability to collect stones from approximately 2.8cm to 30cm radius, and a useful hopper capacity of 1.8 cubic metres. In addition to farming, the Stonebear can also be useful for cleaning construction sites, golf courses, and sports fields.

More examples of New Holland’s wide product range
New Holland also exhibited four examples of its tractors, which have an excellent reputation for productivity, reliability, and the best performance-to-price ratio in the market. Illustrating perfect solutions for medium and large farms, the company displayed its 140 hp T1404B model, 155hp T1554, 180hp T1804B, and 210 hp T2104.

New Holland also exhibited the BB1290 PLUS large square baler. The BigBaler features an 80 cm longer baler chamber over the prior model which delivers up to 10% higher density in perfectly formed bales for stacking and transport, maintaining this high bale quality through the day. The increase in density is dependent on field condition and means more crop per bale, raising customer’s productivity. The H7230 side-pull disc mower conditioner, with a 2.8m cutting width ideal for mowing tight spaces and passing through narrow entrances; and the FR 600 forage harvester that delivers consistently high forage quality and industry-leading crop processing efficiency which actively serve for the country’s reform of “replacing grain crop with feed crop”.

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