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New Holland Agriculture showcases full range of products at the Inner Mongolia International Animal Husbandry Machinery Expo 2018

New Holland Agriculture has showcased a wide range of machinery, including high-powered tractors and ultra-efficient pasture equipment, at the Inner Mongolia International Animal Husbandry Machinery Expo 2018. The sixth edition of this three-day event - which also featured the 2018 China Modern Animal Husbandry Machinery Development Summit Forum - took place from 7th to 9th July at Chifeng International Convention and Exhibition Center and was attended by many industry experts, entrepreneurs and research scientists.

The Conference shared expertise on husbandry-related subjects such as planting, breeding, ecological recycling, straw resource utilization, and the development of ecological agriculture. The Expo showed some of the mechanical solutions which can put the latest thinking into practice, with New Holland a star of the show.

The perfect tractors for medium and large farms
Tractors are at the heart of any animal husbandry operation and New Holland displayed three models ideal for medium and large farms: the 141 hp T1404B, 165 hp T1654, and 180 hp T1804B. All have a hard-earned reputation for productivity, reliability, and the excellent performance in the market.

These tractors are equipped with high-pressure common-rail diesel engines with turbochargers for excellent fuel economy, low emissions, and the power needed for a wide range of tasks. For good traction in even the toughest conditions these tractors have dual-rear wheels configuration, four-wheel-drive, and an automatic differential lock. To make operation easy, the advanced semi-powershift gearbox has an automatic shifting function which can adjust gear selection according to the working conditions. The four-column cab has the comfort of air-conditioning and the safety of an open view.

Forage, straw and silage equipment for ecological agricultural practices
New Holland also offers world-class mechanised solutions for mowing, collecting, baling and silage packaging. This was demonstrated at the Expo by a variety of forage, straw and silage equipment: the new RB125 round baler, BB1290 Plus large baler, SR200 self-propelled windrower, and new FR500 self-propelled forage harvester.

The RB125 round baler, introduced in China last year, has an all-new advanced roller design to reduce crop losses in dry conditions and provide perfect grip in all conditions, resulting in superior bale density. The RB125 is exceptionally effective even when handling heavier wet grass, dense hay, or large swaths of dry straw. With a 2.3-metre-wide pick-up and a five-toothed rod picker, forage is delivered to the inside of the machine with best-in-class pick-up frequency.

New Holland has been an innovator in large balers for more than 25 years and the BB1290 Plus reasserts the brand as market leader for these machines. This baler has a 3.34 metre-long bale chamber, 80cm longer than its predecessor, to deliver best-in-class bale quality with up to 10% more density. The BigBaler’s double knot system also guarantees high bale density because virtually no strain is placed on the twine or the knotter during bale formation. Accurate debris management and gentle set-down logic complete the most advanced baling technology available.

New Holland’s Speedrower® self-propelled windrowers also set industry standards. Ideal for large farms and pastures, these can be equipped with different types of headers, including those suitable for cutting high-yield pastures. The SR200 is propelled by an FPT high-pressure common-rail engine with maximum power of 199 hp. This machine can be equipped with a Durabine® 416 disc-type header which cuts 4.9 metres, giving an excellent bending and flattening effect for improved working efficiency and shortened crop-drying time.

The new FR500 self-propelled forage harvester was introduced to China in June 2018. Propelled by a Cursor 13 engine with Power Cruise™ technology for exceptional fuel efficiency, the FR500 features the industry’s largest chopper roller and an extremely versatile grain processor. There is a herringbone cutter to ensure excellent chopped quality at all chopping lengths. One popular feature of the FR500 is the two-position VariFlow™ system, which enables operators to alter the location of the blower according to the crop being harvested. This system makes it easy to alter the gap between the shredding roller and the fan, enabling free switching between harvesting of the silage corn and harvesting the pasture.

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