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Sustainable Farming


The Clean Energy Leader®

For over a decade, New Holland has established its title as the Clean Energy Leader®. This position is earned through active promotion and development of renewable fuels, emissions reduction systems and sustainable agricultural technology. New Holland offers the farmers of today and tomorrow the widest choice of solutions that improve efficiency and productivity while respecting the environment.

Rooted in the belief that farmers can use technology reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the New Holland Clean Energy Leader® strategy is based on these key pillars - Alternative Fuels, Efficient Productivity and Sustainable Farming.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Carbon Footprint
Reduce your Carbon Footprint with ECOBraud 
ECOBraud encompasses New Holland's complete range of viticulture equipment. Braud grape harvesters feature fuel-saving Intelligent Management technology. When working in conjunction with specialty tractors, this technology can reduce the in-vineyard carbon footprint by 40%. It also contributes to a 10% reduction in the overall carbon footprint of every bottle of wine produced.

Alternative Fuel

Farmers around the world are producing renewable clean energy using anaerobic digestion and biomass systems. The feedstocks used in these systems include agricultural waste by-products such as slurry, straw or maize combined with waste from the food industry and energy crops. Whatever the system, New Holland can provide the solution: from material handling to cultivation, through to planting and harvesting.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Clean Energy Leader
Developing Alternative Fuel Technology Since 2006
New Holland has been recognized as the Clean Energy Leader® since 2006. This was when New Holland became the first in the industry to offer 100% biodiesel compatibility, followed by the introduction of the hydrogen-powered concept tractor in 2009. We are still leading the way today, with the launch of the world’s first production methane tractor. Through New Holland’s alternative fuel solutions, farmers can power their tractors with the renewable fuel they have produced on their own farms.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - T4 Electric Power
T4 Electric Power
The T4 Electric Power is the 1st fully electric utility New Holland tractor on the market. This tractor is powerful and gives better performances compared to a diesel tractor by harnessing the energy of electricity with the characteristic torque of electric motors. The maintenance is considerably reduced by removing fuel, AdBlue and all oil filters. Versatility is also increased by providing exportable power (110/220V) directly on the tractor.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Methane Tractor
T6.180 Methane Power Tractor
New Holland is committed to developing advanced propulsion technologies which reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This means that the farmer produces all of the energy required. The production T6 Methane Power tractor not only has 80% lower overall emissions than a standard tractor, but it also delivers exactly the same performance. 
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Energy Independent Farm
The Energy Independent Farm
The Energy Independent Farm concept is at the heart of New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader® strategy. The T6 Methane Power tractor is a key factor for completing the Energy Independent Farm™ concept, closing the loop of a complete CO2-neutral cycle – from field to energy generation and back to field.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Methane calculator
Methane Calculator
This calculator allows you to simulate the specific and personal running cost savings that can be achieved by using a T6 Methane Power tractor. The calculation takes into consideration fuel and servicing, including oil and fluids. Also it works out your CO2 emission-reduction when using either natural gas or biomethane.

The All-New T7 Methane Power Tractor

The recent debut of the T7.270 Methane Power tractor further expands New Holland's range of alternative fuel technology. The T7.270 Methane Power holds 178% more fuel than the T6.180 Methane Power and produces a maximum of 270 horsepower under all conditions. The tractor also features continuously variable transmission (CVT), which provides smoother driving and more efficient fuel consumption.

This increase in power and capability will allow more operators to benefit from the use of alternative energy in farming. The first production T7.270 Methane Power tractors will be available to purchase in the second half of 2024.

Efficient Productivity

New Holland is committed to delivering sustainable, productive agriculture. Our products are more efficient than ever, increasing productivity while consuming less fuel. Advanced precision guidance keeps your productivity and your environmental credentials on track.

New Holland provides a whole host of award-winning innovations such as efficient Auto and Dynamic Command™ transmissions and Precision Land Management (PLM™) solutions for increased accuracy and recordability. New Holland also created the renowned IntelliSense™ system, which allows CR combines to detect operating conditions beyond human capabilities, ensure outstanding in-field performance. New Holland - improved productivity, enhanced efficiency.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - FPT Industrial: the perfect partner
FPT Industrial: The Perfect Partner
New Holland is not alone when it comes to Stage V technology. We draw on the experience of FPT Industrial, a global leader in advanced powertrain technologies for agriculture, construction, marine, power generation and commercial vehicle applications. Development work on the SCR solution started in 1995. Within the last 8 years, over 1 million SCR engines have been produced for the agricultural, construction and haulage industries. This industry-leading SCR system has been continually refined and tested in these sectors. The result: optimized performance and ultimate reliability.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Longer Service Intervals
Longer Service Intervals
Thanks to HI-eSCR 2 technology, the complete T6 and T7 ranges' already industry-leading service intervals have been extended by 25% to 750 hours. Telehandlers have been further increased to 1000 hours. T6 and T7 transmission service intervals have also been extended to 1500 hours.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Ecoblue™ Hi-ESCR 2 Explained
Ecoblue Hi-ESCR 2 Explained
The latest product launched by New Holland comply with Stage V emissions standards, which mandate a further 40% reduction of Particulate Matter content compared to previous Tier 4B / Stage 4 regulation. This is achieved thanks to the new HI-eSCR 2 technology developed by FPT Industrial. This innovative after treatment system is a maintenance-free, patented solution that minimizes operating costs.

FPT Natural Gas Engine for Agriculture

Compared to conventional diesel engines, FPT Industrial’s Natural Gas engines cut pollutants by 80% in overall emissions, reduce vibration and noise (by up to 3 dBA), leading to a 50% reduction in drive-by-noise.

Performance is identical to that of an equivalent Diesel engine, particularly in terms of maximum power and torque. Its durability matches that of a standard power unit, and is complimented by running cost savings of up to 30%.

The NEF Natural Gas prototype is an in-line 6 cylinder engine, developing 180 hp peak power and 740 Nm maximum torque. It uses specifically developed FPT Industrial technology that minimizes fuel consumption to provide day-long autonomy.

Sustainable Farming

New Holland has established a partnership with the “Il Raccolto” Farm in Bologna, Italy, to demonstrate sustainable farming practices through a circular economy model and a connected fleet environment.

Il Raccolto shares the brand’s vision of environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture based on innovation, agriculture 4.0 technologies, and energy independence. It has become the first "New Holland Smart Farm," with developments following the Clean Energy Leader® strategy and demonstrating the resulting advanced solutions. It also supports New Holland’s research by providing agronomic data collected through the telematics systems on the machines at work in the farm.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Sustainability as a business approach
Sustainability as a Business Approach
The Il Raccolto Farm perfectly demonstrates how sustainability can go hand in hand with profitability by using the with the right approach supported by the right equipment and technologies. With 2,000 hectares, it is an arable and dairy farm, and vineyard. It grows cereals, wheat, livestock feed crops and seeds, as well as grapes. It produces milk for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Pignoletto wine – all to the high quality standards of DOP, DOC and IGP certification. It is a forward-looking operation that invests heavily in innovative technologies. It runs a fleet of more than 80 New Holland machines made up of the brand’s most advanced tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, telehandlers, balers, light construction equipment and grape harvesters.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Energy Independent Farm Model
Energy Independent Farm Model
Il Raccolto also shares New Holland’s vision for alternative energy sources in farming. It operates its own anaerobic biodigester and produces biogas from the farm’s agricultural waste. It plans to start production of biomethane and is working towards becoming entirely energy independent.

This will enable New Holland to demonstrate its Energy Independent Farm model, where animal and food waste, crop residues or specific energy crops are used to generate biogas in a biodigester. The biogas is used to power the farm, and is refined into fuel-grade biomethane to power a New Holland Methane Power Tractor. The by-products of this complete process are used as natural fertilizers and help to improve soil quality. This closed-loop circular economy approach can achieve a carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative agriculture.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Smart Farm Experience
Smart Farm Experience
The Il Raccolto Farm has a multi-faceted role as the New Holland Smart Farm - it will be the brand’s official demonstration farm in Italy and the base for its European training team. It will host events for its dealers and customers to enjoy the full experience of sustainable farming. It will also be a center for knowledge exchange with New Holland employees, aimed at improving the customer experience through an in-depth understanding of agriculture 4.0 technologies, the circular economy model and biomethane on the farm.
Sustainable Farming New Holland - Agriculture 4.0
Agriculture 4.0
At the Il Raccolto Farm, New Holland demonstrates its vision for Agriculture 4.0, as many of the machines in the farm’s fleet are connected through MyPLM™ Connect telematics. We know that a connected fleet provides more efficiency and uptime, which ultimately provides a higher ROI for customers. This partnership is another example of how New Holland is leading the future of farming by delivering the best digital and technology solutions to our customers.

New Holland Smart Farm

The “Il Raccolto” Farm has become the first New Holland Smart Farm, sharing our vision of environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture based on innovation, agriculture 4.0 technologies, and energy independence.