CR REVELATION combine in the field


One Answer to Harvest Labor Shortages


Farm labor shortages are nothing new, but more than ever, it’s hard to find and keep labor, especially during peak harvest time. Finding workers who are experienced at operating big equipment is even more challenging. That’s why New Holland CR Twin Rotor® combines equipped with the innovative IntelliSense™ automation system can provide big benefits to cash crop producers.

With New Holland’s IntelliSense system, you can put less experienced combine operators in the field and still get quality repeatable results. Testing has shown that throughout the course of a long harvesting day, IntelliSense technology supports experienced drivers to increase daily productivity by up to 10% and goes even further to help a novice reach up to 20% more output.

The IntelliSense user interface is very simple and allows even novice combine drivers to operate a CR combine like a pro. The system continuously and automatically optimizes threshing, separation, and cleaning shoe settings to reduce grain loss, increase grain quality and reduce fuel consumption.

Proactive adjustments are made automatically to the combine while harvesting based on the harvest strategy identified by the operator. The operator can choose between 4 strategies: limited loss, best grain quality, maximum capacity, or fixed throughput.


The system continually seeks to increase the productivity of the combine, within the loss limits and grain quality limits set by the operator. Patented cleaning shoe sensors provide very precise measurements of the load as the patented Grain Cam™ evaluates the grain sample for broken grains and material other than grain (MOG). Based on the data it gathers, the combine will proactively adapt threshing settings, fan speed and the opening of pre-sieve, upper and lower sieve, automatically delivering the desired result. A patented automatic rotor vane adjustment improves the rotor’s power efficiency without impacting the threshing and separation settings, resulting in greater fuel savings and performance.

The pro-active and automatic combine setting system also delivers significant benefits for the operator. With the advantage of IntelliSense automation, operators experience less stress, with fewer decisions to make, easier control, better comfort, and less fatigue. Time spent in the field is less stressful not only because there are fewer decisions to make, but because now the operator can concentrate more on other aspects of the machine’s operation like driving, feeding and unloading.

New Holland and New Holland dealers throughout North America are proud to support growers with cutting-edge equipment innovations that contribute to a sustainable and productive future.

New Holland IntelliSense Pro-Active Combine Automation Feature

Testing has shown that throughout the course of a long harvesting day, IntelliSense technology delivers superior performance, even when compared to the most experienced harvesting operators. Watch the IntelliSense automation system in action.

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