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Customer Electronic Service Tool (EST)


At New Holland, we understand the importance of having the ability to service and maintain your own machinery. That’s why we offer a customer-accessible version of our Electronic Service Tool (EST). The Customer EST software operates on a PC with Windows 10 (64-Bit) Operating System. This provides you the ability to connect to your New Holland equipment’s CAN network via a protocol adapter. For pricing and to purchase your own EST and/or protocol adapter, click on the following link: New Holland Self Repair | MyCNH


EST Features

  • Controller status and version retrieval
  • Parameter monitoring
  • Fault code retrieval and clearing
  • Electronic version of service manuals
  • Electrical and hydraulic schematics
  • Fault code descriptions and repair process

EST Pricing & Purchase Information: Click here


Remote Service Tool

The Remote Service Tool (RST) is an extension of the EST. The RST enables a technician to perform many diagnostic functions remotely on supported New Holland MyPLM Connect™ vehicles via your machine’s MyPLM Connect™ modem. Examples of supported diagnostic functions include:

  • Retrieving and clearing fault codes
  • Reading and updating machine configurations
  • Collecting vehicle CAN bus parameters over time
  • Software updates can be pushed to your machine remotely


Get Access to the EST

A subscription to the Customer EST can be purchased online. For pricing and purchase options, click here.