Discuss a planned maintenance agreement with your New Holland dealer.

Top Maintain Planned Maintenance Agreements

Protect & Prevent: Leave the maintenance to us.

It’s no secret that proper maintenance helps ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment. With a Top Maintain Planned Maintenance Agreement, our certified technicians take care of maintaining your New Holland equipment so you can focus on running your operation.


A Top Maintain Planned Maintenance Agreement from your New Holland Dealer provides visibility and control over your maintenance schedule and costs – ensuring you are not only making sure your equipment is in top condition, but you are saving longevity costs.

  • Reduce Operating Costs: We make it simple to plan and budget for future services by locking in today’s rates, allowing you to avoid inflationary costs of oil and labor.
  • Improve Equipment Performance & Efficiency: Maintenance is performed by New Holland certified technicians using genuine parts, lubricants, and service techniques.
  • Increase Resale Value: Proactive maintenance increases your equipment’s longevity, performance, and resale value, plus the plan is transferable to the next owner.

We know the importance of value and incorporating this within your dealership.

Types of Planned Maintenance Agreements

Every customer operation requires different equipment usages, which may reflect on when equipment requires the necessary maintenance to be performed. For select equipment products and models, we put the ability in flexibility to best fit your operational needs!

  • Comprehensive PMAA Planned Maintenance Agreement based on engineering recommended service intervals as seen in the Operator’s manual for when maintenance needs to be performed for the selected hours and terms chosen.

What's included?

Value-added benefits are provided through necessary equipment maintenance intervals. Beyond just the normal routine maintenance of fluid and filter changes, equipment service intervals include additional components intended to keep your equipment running to engineering specifications.

  • Terms/hours of pre-purchased maintenance to fit your operational needs
  • Fluids, filters, parts, and dealer labor for service intervals as per engineering recommendation
  • Dedicated service support from your dealership to help manage your equipment’s maintenance needs

How do I learn more?

Lock-in a Planned Maintenance Agreement that fits your operation at your local New Holland Dealer.*


*Planned Maintenance Agreements are only available on new equipment with less than 250 hours.