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New Holland wins SITEVI Gold Medal for its all-inclusive multipurpose implement solutions for its grape harvesters and straddle tractors

​• Two solutions to integrate every tool on the market on the New Holland grape harvester
• Productivity with personalised settings, profitability and safety with intelligent tools

New Holland Agriculture received the recognition of the jury panel of the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2019, who awarded the Gold Medal for its new all-inclusive solutions to easily use all multipurpose tools on the market on its self-propelled grape harvester and straddle tractor units. These solutions, available on all Tier IV New Holland grape harvesters, significantly simplify the customers’ work, as they can use all types of implements of all brands on this one machine easily, attaching them without help. In addition, they will also improve their productivity and operating comfort.

“New Holland has pioneered the mechanisation of the vineyard, working alongside our customers to help them achieve consistently a high-quality harvest, improve their productivity and facilitate their work,” commented Thierry Le Briquer, Head of Grape & Olive Product Line New Holland Agriculture. “Our aim is to be at the side of our customers, supporting them with our equipment in every phase of the full annual cycle of the vineyard. These efforts have included co-developing implements with selected manufacturers. With these new award-winning solutions, we take a step further in providing a solution for every job throughout the year – from soil preparation, crop protection, crop management, all the way to the harvest.”

Two solutions to integrate every tool on the market on the New Holland grape harvester
New Holland has developed a Plug-and-Play solution for the ranges of tools designed in collaboration with selected partners, such as the BERTHOUD Curis’ Air sprayers and the PROVITIS Omega range which includes pruners and trimmers. This solution perfectly integrates the tool to the grape harvester tractor unit: the customer just needs to attach the tool and the machine will automatically recognise it and adjust the settings and screens on the Intelliview IVTM monitor.

For all other tools on the market, the Multipurpose-on-Demand solution enables New Holland’s customers to control their implements through the grape harvester‘s Intelliview IVTM monitor. The customer’s dealer will create a software programme for each implement, assigning functions to buttons on the machine’s multifunction handle and set up electrical and hydraulic outputs and the sensors. The system can manage 30 to 60 functions, depending on the model, 12 electrical outputs, 12 to 28 hydraulic outputs and 12 sensors. Once this initial set up is completed, every time the customer connects the tool, the machine will recognize it and automatically adjust the settings on the Intelliview IVTM, and multifunction handle.

Productivity with personalised settings, profitability and safety with intelligent tools
The high degree of personalisation on both Plug-and-Play and Multipurpose-on-Demand solutions results in comfortable operations and increased productivity: the operator can tailor the settings to their preference, assigning a combination of functions to a specific button on the multifunction handle, creating sequencing of functions and automating some operations. The New Holland Grape Harvester can store 12 co-developed tools in the Plug-and-Play system and 12 implements on the Multipurpose-on-demand solution, making it easy to switch from a large number of tools seamlessly and effortlessly.

The two solutions also enable the customer to take full advantage of New Holland’s Intelligent Management System 2.0 (IMS 2.0), winner of the SITEVI Bronze Medal in 2017, reducing their cost of ownership and maximising their profitability. The IMS 2.0 constantly adjusts to the lowest engine rpm, saving fuel on the road and in all working modes.

Also to be noted, the Multipurpose-on-Demand solution features a smart safety system to protect the operators. When creating the software program for the system, it is possible to include instructions so that the tool only runs when specific conditions are met (for example, only if the operator is on the seat) and automatically stops when the driver is not on the seat, or the machine is on the road.

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