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New Holland upgrades and extends its PLM™ Product Portfolio to further increase productivity in agriculture

• PLM Solutions App
• New functionality added to ISOBUS Product Control
• New ISOBUS capability for T6 and T7 Tractors
• Shape files are now converted to ISO-XML within the IntelliView IV Display – eliminating the need for Desktop software data conversion
• PLM Connect enables data flows utilizing the AEMP 1.2 API
• New Trimble aftermarket products: XCN-1050™ Display and NAV-900 Guidance Controller

New Holland introduces new functionalities to its Precision Land Management (PLM™) product portfolio, expanding opportunities for customers to use technology and connectivity to improve operational efficiency and profitability. Open, Connected, Smart and Supported solutions allow our customers to be ahead of the changes and challenges of tomorrow, while maintaining full ownership of their data throughout.

The new developments take New Holland’s technology for precision farming a step closer to the fully connected and intelligent ecosystem of Farming 4.0 and towards a future of autonomous operation, as glimpsed with NHDrive technology, which will be displayed on the T8 tractor at Agritechnica 2017. “At New Holland, we are utilising this easily transferrable technology across our family of tractor models,” explained Dan Halliday, Head of PLM Product Marketing at New Holland. “We are now undertaking customer-based trials to further understand how autonomy will assist our agricultural customers around the world, and we will form strong partnerships with them to understand where this technology is best utilised, and how it impacts traditional agriculture.”

PLM Solutions App
Precision Farming continues to evolve rapidly and with so many new users and rapidly developing features it can be a challenging task to find the best solutions for producers’ operations. The new user-friendly PLM Solutions application makes it easy for individuals to navigate through New Holland’s broad range of PLM products and solutions to find the best one for their business. The PLM Solutions app is available for iOS and Android™ operating systems, in smartphone and tablet versions, with a choice of three navigational paths (Wholegood, Crop Cycle or PLM Product Catalog) to help find PLM solutions based on the customer’s knowledge level or information needs. As New Holland’s PLM solutions evolve and its range expands, the PLM Solutions app will be updated with any changes or additions. At Agritechnica, English and German versions will be launched and available in the app stores. 2018 will see further translations and a roll out of the app across the globe.

New functionality added to ISOBUS Product Control
New Holland’s ISOBUS-compliant equipment and IntelliView IV eliminate the need for multiple monitors and multiple GPS signals when using mixed fleets. New Holland continues to expand its ISOBUS capability with further additions to its PLM Product Control range. This allows for more flexibility in multi-branded implements and even allows customers to update current implements, including some seeders, planters, liquid fertilisers, slurry and dry spreaders to make them ISOBUS compatible. Key improvements include giving customers increased granularity and control during applications with fewer monitors in the cab and one source for agronomic data. Available across EMEA in the first months of 2018.

New ISOBUS capability for T6 and T7 Tractors
The T6 and T7 series tractors further increase their ability to simplify in-cab monitors and controls with enhanced capabilities with Auxiliary Controllers. ISOBUS AUX-N (Auxiliary Control “new”) control is now available in the IntelliView IV Monitor. The AUX-N functionality allows in-cab controls to be programmed to control AUX-N implement features without the need to run additional wires and additional controls such as joysticks, switch boxes, and foot pedals. This keeps the cab cleaner and safer, and simplifies the user experience.

Shape files are now converted to ISO-XML within the IntelliView IV Display – eliminating the need for Desktop software data conversion
Improvements in ISOBUS give the IntelliView IV the additional capability of importing shape files and converting them into the ISO-XML format. Now the ISOBUS task controller in the IntelliView IV display monitor can use these generic files for automatic rate and section control of ISOBUS applications. This feature, aligned with New Holland’s Open strategy, simplifies the loading and use of prescriptions from the customer’s agronomist, and reduces the risk of human error when transferring and converting data.

PLM Connect enables data flows utilizing the AEMP 1.2 API
PLM Connect is now able to export data in compliance with the AEMP 1.2 (Association of Equipment Management Professionals 1.2) standard. This functionality enables an automated XML machine data feed from the PLM Connect data cloud to any compatible Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), streamlining fleet management and increasing operational efficiencies. Utilising the API and ERP software, customers can analyze machine performance and identify trends and anomalies.

New Trimble aftermarket products: XCN-1050™ and NAV-900 Guidance Controller
XCN-1050™ is a high-definition display with multi-touch operation. Its easy-to-use interface is built on the Android™ operating system allowing for multi touch control. Its 25.6cm touch-screen with slim profile and bezel is easy to read while taking up less cab space. Compatible with a large range of machines utilising the AutoPilot guidance system, the XCN-1050 sits alongside its larger relative, the 30.8cm XCN-2050. A simplified setup with fewer components allows for easier installation and a tidier operator cab.

The NAV-900 Guidance Controller has a built-in antenna, receiver, and navigation system, with optional RTK radio. It can be combined with the XCN-1050™ for auto-guidance and precision farming applications. It is compatible with EGNOS, WAAS, RangePoint RTX and CenterPoint RTX correction signals in addition to RTK and NTRIP with radio or modem hardware respectively. The Nav-900 utilises GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS constellations.

The XCN-1050 and Nav-900 steering system can operate AutoPilot Motor-Drive, CAN connection AutoPilot and AutoPilot via a Navigation Controller III kit. The system is compatible with ISOBUS control systems and allows for ISOBUS Universal Terminal (ISOBUS UT) and ISOBUS Task Controller functionality (ISOBUS TC-SC). The Precision-IQ system on the display supports Field-IQ and Trimble Universal Variable Rate (TUVR) Control systems providing rate and section control of implement applications. The device also offers full Bluetooth™ / WiFi capability for improved connectivity opportunities.

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