Your harvest is treated with care from the beginning. Braud patented technologies set the standard for production quality, harvesting quality and response to the needs of growers throughout the world.

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The exclusive Braud SDC shaking system is recognized as the best picking system, period. Each shaking rod is independent and hinged at the rear on a maintenance-free flexible fixation. This connection allows perfect control of the shaker action, with maximum flexibility, for gentle picking. Use the ACS system “Automated Crop Setup” to program and save your preferred harvesting settings.

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Low grape shaking

A clever redesign allows the first shaker rod to be mounted below the shaker plate bearing on both sides of the shaker frame, allowing about a 1-1/2-inch gap above the top of the Noria bucket. The mounting design ensures even more effective shaking, from the lowest hanging grapes to the highest part of the vine. (The low shaker feature is not available on the 9090X.)

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Optimized shaking system

Standard configuration includes 14 shakers and you can order additional optional shaker kits to match your needs. The optimized shaking system consists of both the adjustable rod aperture system and quick engaging shaker plates.
The Adjustable Rod Aperture allows you to adjust the distance between shaker rods from the cab to fit any vineyard canopy width condition. The Quick Release Shaker Plate allows you to adapt the chosen shaker rod to the fruit bearing zone using only one bolt. This allows you to easily adapt shaker height from vineyard to vineyard.

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The grapes collected by Noria buckets at the bottom of the harvesting head are conveyed gently, without loss or maceration, up to the top of the harvesting head, always by the same bucket. Its design allows it to catch and carry even the lowest fruits safely.

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Proven Noria polyurethane buckets ensure total care of the vines and fruit without ground losses. All updated Braud 9000L and 9000M models have extra capacity with 7.5 feet of sealed length (8.4 feet on the 9090X) and XXL size buckets. The tool-free Noria tensioning system allows you to use a simple crank to move the rails up and down.

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A 27.6-inch-wide, high-capacity cleaning conveyor allow for even crop distribution. Cleaning always occurs when the crop is in free fall for effective cleaning in lightweight material. Cleaning fan exhaust is directed to the rear of the machine for better air flow efficiency, less dust, noise and residue accumulation.

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Cane remover

In heavy canopy conditions, or conditions that may cause the shaking system to detach canes or branches, the cane removal system removes obstructions to avoid blockages to the Noria buckets, conveyors, fans, etc. This feature is standard on the 9090L and 9090X machines, and is available as an option on 9070L machines.

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