Cutting crop as it’s fed into the baler delivers shorter particle lengths, which results in tighter material packing and greater bale density. Cutting material with up to 29 spring-protected knives can help improve silage bale fermentation, feed digestibility, bale breakup and mixing, and material absorbency. Added density can also mean more weight per bale and more tons per truck, providing even greater savings for you.

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Sharp knives require less power and lead to a more consistent cut length. The one-piece, slide-out knife drawer makes knife inspection and sharpening fast and easy. Knives are hydraulically activated from the cab. When cutting is not desired, the knife slots are easy to keep clean by using the supplied blanking plates that are conveniently stowed.

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Direct precompression chamber FEEDING

The high-performance CropCutter rotor cutting and feeding system moves material directly into the pre-compression chamber. When the desired pre-chamber density is achieved, the stuffer starts and swiftly moves the perfect flake into position. In the most difficult baling conditions, the rotor floor can hydraulically drop away to release the crop pressure for even easier restarting.

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